What is a wireless card? How does it work? What is the best wireless card? If you are looking for the answers to the above questions, this post is what you need. Now, you can continue to read this to get detailed information about the wireless card.

Wireless Card?


What is the wireless card? The wireless network card is a wireless terminal device, which is used to connect to the Internet through a wireless connection within the wireless coverage of a wireless local area network. If you are interested in the content, you can continue to read this post from MiniTool.

Generally speaking, a wireless card is a device that does not need to be connected to a network cable, and a wireless network card is integrated with a general-purpose laptop. Therefore, the laptop can surf the Internet wirelessly like a mobile phone, as long as there is a wireless network signal in the air in the area.

wireless card

Since the desktop computer is not integrated with the wireless card, you need to connect the network cable to the network card interface to access the Internet, but you can connect wirelessly by installing the wireless network card.

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There are two types of wireless cards – one is PCI wireless network card or a USB wireless network card, and the other is a 3G wireless network card similar to U disk.

The former is mainly suitable for installing wireless network cards. Desktop computer, its network signal is limited, and the principle of the notebook wireless network card is the same, it can accept wireless network signals, such as wireless router wireless network and hotspot WIFI, etc.

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The 3G wireless network card is mainly used to access the Internet through 3G wireless signal interfaces such as China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom.

How Does Wireless Card Work?

After knowing the definition and types of the wireless card, let’s see how it work. A WiFi hotspot, usually a wireless router or access point, is the old-fashioned method of first receiving information from the Internet: via wires. Then, it converts the data from the binary form (computer code 1s and 0s) to radio waves.

Next, it broadcasts those radio waves to the surrounding area. Wireless signals usually travel between 75 and 150 feet (23 meters and 46 meters). Although WiFi radio signals have certain advantages over conventional radio signals, they can still be interfered with by physical obstacles. Interference occurs when the signal is blocked by distance or physical obstacles.

Top 3 Wireless Cards

This part is about the wireless card for desktop. I will introduce the top 3 wireless cards for you.

Top 1: TP-Link AC1200

TP-Link AC1200 has first-class performance because it has heat dissipation technology that can achieve even heat distribution. Even if you use games or streaming in 4K HD mode for a long time, it will not overheat. Moreover, its external antenna can double the coverage of the network to provide a stable and secure connection.

Beamforming technology can even enhance network coverage. Through a simple installation process, it can be compatible with most operating systems.

Top 2: TP-LINK Archer T9E AC1900

For gamers, there is nothing better than installing a high-speed wireless connection for easy gaming. TP-Link Archer enables users to enjoy high-speed Internet connections up to 1300Mbps with the help of adapters.

The title adapter uses 802.11 AC wireless settings with beamforming technology-enabled. You can get Internet access through excellent connection strength over long distances.

Top 3: ASUS 4×4 802.11AC Wireless AC3100 PCIe Adapter

Is there a lack of a super-fast wifi connection in your system? For gamers, ASUS PCE-AC88 AC3100 wifi card is a suitable choice, it will provide excellent Internet speed. It is only in the higher range, but it is worth your investment.

Through dual-band connection, it can provide speeds up to 2100Mbps. Besides, it also has an external magnetic antenna setup that provides first-class coverage. Also, you can connect the antenna of the adapter to the PCIe card for better performance.

Final Words

It’s time to make a conclusion. From this post, you can know some basic information about the wireless card. Besides, you can learn the top 3 wireless cards. I believe that this post is helpful to you.

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