SATA to USB cable is important for your device. This post introduces basic information about the SATA to USB cable. You can know what it is and why it is important for you. Besides, there are some recommended SATA to USB cables for you.

What Is SATA to USB Cable

What is the SATA to USB cable? SATA to USB cable is used to connect to an SSD or HDD, thereby adding drive space to the laptop. You can connect it to an external drive to add storage, perform backups, create disk images, perform data recovery, and transfer content to a laptop.

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The SATA to USB adapter supports 5 Gbps USB 3.0 data transfer speed, and when you connect to a computer that also supports UASP, you can transfer speeds up to 70% faster than traditional USB 3.0. The hard drive USB adapter is a portable solution that fits well into a laptop bag without the need for an external power supply.

SATA to USB cable can save your time since it allows you to easily swap between drives without having to install the drive in the chassis-plug and play. provides a competitive 2-year warranty and lifetime support for this SATA to USB cable and adapter. The maximum power of the attached driver is 900 mA.

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Why Do You Need It

Now, I will introduce why the SATA to USB cable is important to you. If your laptop’s hard drive fails and Windows will not start, you just need to install a new hard drive and restore files from the backup. But what if your backup set is damaged and cannot be restored from it?

If you have a SATA/IDE to USB adapter, you can remove the old drive from the laptop, install the new drive, install Windows on it, and then connect the failed old drive as a temporary external drive. Maybe, you are interested in this post – SATA vs. IDE: What Is the Difference.

If you decide to replace the hard drive in your laptop with a solid-state drive, you can use a super duplex SATA/IDE to USB adapter to connect the SSD as an external USB drive, and then clone the contents of the hard drive into it. Then, just remove the internal hard drive and replace it with a fast SSD.

The following are some recommended SATA to USB cables.

1. CableDeconn

Plug one end into the USB port and the other end into the serial port, and it will work normally. No need to install it. The cable transfers files at a rate of 10 gigabits per second. It is suitable for 2.5 inch hard drives and SSDs. There is a dark light on the connector, which will flash when data is being transmitted.


If you move the insertion port slightly, it may become loose, so you must be careful.

2. Cinolink

You can plug and play the USB to SATA cable directly. The data transfer rate is 480Mb/s. The cable cover is made of plastic. The cable length is 6.3 inches. There is a small LED to indicate activity status. It is ideal for data recovery.



It doesn’t need to install drivers. It supports Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/win 7/ win 8 / Mac OS 10.10. The transfer rate is 5Gbps. This is a very compact adapter. When both cables are connected, it will automatically turn on. Very suitable for retrieving data from old personal computers or damaged hard drives.


4. Anker

It transfers data at a rate of 3Gbps. It is compatible with older versions of USB. It is versatile because it supports everything from SATA HDD, SSD to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc. It is compatible with Windows and MAC. It will not recognize multiple SSDs. The adapter is small and easy to store. No speed/power issues.

The external power supply is dedicated to this project. The cable is strong and firm. Good quality and moderate price.


Final Words

To sum up, this post is mainly talking about the SATA to USB cable, and after reading this post, you can also know what the SATA to USB cable is and why it is important. Now, here comes the end of this post.

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