How good is Windows Defender to protect your computer’s safety? This post gives some analysis for your reference. For more computer tips and useful tools, you may visit MiniTool Software official website.

What is Windows Defender and What Does It Do?

Windows Defender, now generally called Microsoft Defender, is an antivirus program for Windows. Windows Defender is a built-in component of the Microsoft Windows system. It is free and offers many protection features. It helps protect users’ computers against malware or virus. It offers real-time protection for your computer if it is turned on. If you like, you can also use it to perform a quick scan, full scan, custom scan, or offline scan to manually check your computer.

How Good Is Windows Defender?

How good is Windows Defender for virus scan and PC protection?

In short, Windows Defender is pretty good at many things and offers a 100% free solution to keep your computer safe. You don’t need to download and install any software to use it. It is included in the Windows OS. But Windows Defender can be better.

For performance, Windows Defender is turned on by default and doesn’t require any action to run it. It can help filter most phishing sites when you browse online. It offers strong protection for Microsoft Edge browser but not Chrome or Firefox browser. For Chrome and Firefox browsers, it relies on the browser’s own protection. Still, it may not be able to filter some sophisticated phishing attacks, malware, or virus. Compared with some third-party security programs, Windows Defender may not cover that much malicious software.

Windows Defender is good enough to protect your computer from malware/viruses. However, if you want more comprehensive protection for your computer, you can try some third-party top free antivirus software for Windows 10/11.

Virus & Threat Protection in Windows 10/11 Scans for Threats
Virus & Threat Protection in Windows 10/11 Scans for Threats

Virus & threat protection in Windows Security helps you scan for threats on your Windows 10/11 computer. Check the details in this post.

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How to Find and Turn on Windows Defender on Windows 10/11

To quickly find and open Windows Defender on Windows 10/11, you can use Windows Search.

  • You can press Windows + S to open the Windows Search box.
  • Type Windows Defender in the search box, and choose Windows Defender app or Windows Security app to open Windows Defender.
  • To turn on the real-time protection, you can click Virus & threat protection and turn on the Real-time protection option.

Windows Defender

Useful Free Computer Software for Windows

For Windows users, MiniTool Software provides some useful computer software for you.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps you recover any deleted/lost files, photos, videos, etc. from Windows computers, USB flash drives, SD/memory cards, external hard drives, SSDs, etc. It helps you recover data from various data loss situations including hard drive corruption, system crash, etc.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a professional disk partition manager for Windows. You can use it to easily manage hard drives by yourself. It offers various disk management features, e.g. create/delete/extend/resize/merge/split/format/wipe partitions, check and fix disk errors, clone disk, migrate OS to SSD/HD, test hard drive speed, analyze hard drive space, convert disk format, and more.

MiniTool ShadowMaker is a professional PC backup software program that lets you easily back up Windows OS and data. It lets you easily choose any files, folders, partitions, or the whole disk content to back up to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or network drive. Automatic backup and incremental backup are also supported.

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