The computer system unit is the housing that contains the main components of the computer. It is also called a computer case or tower case. Read on to learn about the functions and components of the computer system unit.

What Is System Unit?

What is system unit? A typical desktop computer is composed of a computer system unit, a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor. The computer system unit is the outer shell of all other main internal components of the computer. It is also called a computer case, computer case, or computer tower. The housing is usually made of steel or aluminum, but plastics can also be used.

The main function of the computer system unit is to fix all other components together and protect sensitive electronic components from external components.

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Components of System Unit

Some of the components in the system unit are; random access memory (RAM), compact disk read-only memory (CD-ROM), hard disk, motherboard, fan, processor or central processing unit (CPU), power supply, and floppy disk drive.

The system unit also has other components, such as a universal serial bus (USB) port, power button, cables, video, and sound card.

Then, let’s get more information about the main components of system unit.

1. Motherboard

The motherboard is the main internal hardware component of the system unit. This board is called the “motherboard” because it has all the connectors that connect to the other hardware components of the computer system. This means that all input and output (I/O) devices have their connectors on the motherboard.

Since the CPU (especially high-speed CPU) generates a lot of heat during operation, it has a socket for fixing the central processing unit (CPU) or the processor with a heat sink and fan. It also has a main memory slot, a video or graphics card slot, and a backup battery.

2. CPU or Processor

The CPU is the hardware component responsible for all operations performed in the computer system, which is why most computer users call it the brain of the computer, which is fixed on the motherboard through a slot.

The CPU or processor has two main components, namely the control unit (CU) and the arithmetic logic unit (ALU). CU fetches instructions from memory and executes them to control input and output devices, while ALU performs arithmetic and logic processing. The speed of the processor is measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz).

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3. RAM

RAM is the main memory of a computer system, and its main function is to temporarily store data. Based on the fact that the data is accessed randomly (in no particular order), it allows the CPU to easily access the data. It can also speed up the operation of the computer because it allows random access to data.

The larger the RAM, the faster the CPU can access data. RAM is volatile, which means it works or stores data while the computer is still running, and loses all data when the computer is shut down. RAM, CPU, and hard disk are the main sources of computer speed. A computer can use multiple RAMs, depending on the user’s preference, but limited by the number of memory slots on the motherboard.

4. Hard Drive

The main storage device of a computer system is a hard disk or hard disk drive. Unlike RAM, which temporarily stores data, the main function of a hard drive is to permanently store information, files, and other documents, and also allows data to be retrieved, but it is non-volatile (data will not be lost when the computer is shut down).

The operating system and application software (apps) are installed on the hard drive. The amount of data that a hard drive can hold depends on its capacity.

Most modern system units or chassis can contain two hard drives, one of which can be used as a “primary” (primary) hard drive; one for installing the operating system, and the other as a “slave” (secondary) hard drive; you can combine documents and Other files are stored on which files and other files to avoid overloading the main hard drive to avoid slowing down the system. The secondary hard drive can also be used as a backup for damage to the primary hard drive.

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Final Words

Here is all information about the system unit. You can know what it is and the component of the system unit.

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