This knowledge base updated by MiniTool Software Limited mainly introduces the definition of audio over IP (AoIP). It also involves its functions and applications. More details are below.

What Is Audio over IP?

Audio over IP (AoIP) refers to the distribution of digital audio across an IP network like the Internet. Increasingly, it offers high-quality audio feeds over long distances. Also, audio-over-IP is called audio contribution over IP (ACIP) in reference to the programming contributions made by field reporters and remote events.

Audio quality and latency are the main limitations for contribution links. In the past, these links have made use of integrated services digital network (ISDN) services, but those have become increasingly difficult or expensive to gain.

A lot of proprietary systems came into existence for transporting high-quality audio over IP based on transmission control protocol (TCP), user datagram protocol (UDP), or real-time transport protocol (RTP). An interoperable standard for AoIP using RTP has been published by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Within a single music venue or building, audio over Ethernet is more likely to be used instead, avoiding audio data compression, and in some cased IP encapsulation.

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Audio Codecs over IP

More advanced audio codecs are able to send audio over unmanaged IP networks such as the Internet using automated jitter buffering, error concealment, as well as forward error correction to minimize latency and maximize packet streaming stability in live broadcast situations over unmanaged IP networks.

In the face of IPv4 address exhaustion, IPv6 capability makes sure that codecs can connect over new Internet infrastructure. IPv6 infrastructure is being widely deployed to transmit a virtually inexhaustible supply of IP addresses. IPv6 addressing makes it much easier for broadcast codecs to connect directly and perform flexible multi-point connections over IP.

The Application of Audio over IP

Next, let’s see some cases that take advantage of AoIP.

# Broadcasting

The BBC started making use of audio contributions over IP in Scotland as part of the BBC Pacific Quay development in Glasgow. A similar system has been installed in the Regions of England and will be installed in Wales and Northern Ireland.

# Sport Events

Audio over IP is also applied in the sports field. Since 2004, codecs like the Tieline i-Mix G3 have been used at the Olympic Games for live broadcasting. More than 1000 Barix IP audio codecs were used to network the various venues of the 2010 Commonwealth Games hosted in India.

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# Mobile Phone Apps

Ultra portable AoIP codecs are also available as smartphone apps to send high-fidelity broadcast quality audio from remote sites to studios. They can also send 20 kHz quality audio recordings from the phone to a studio via file transfer protocol (FTP)

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These applications are completely compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.

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