This post will introduce you an overview of Windows 98, its improvement on functions on the basis of Windows 95 and its downloading.

About Windows 98

Windows 98 is a mixed 16/32 bit /operating system released by Microsoft on June 25, 1998. The version number is 4.1 and the development code is Memphis. It is based on Windows 95 and it improves the support of hardware such as MMX and AGP. With the software of MiniTool, you can manage your computer better.

Windows 98 fully integrates the Internet standard, unifies and simplifies the desktop with Internet technology, enabling you to find and browse the information stored on your personal computer or  the Internet quickly and conveniently.

Windows 98

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By providing new self-maintenance and update capabilities, Windows 98 eliminates many of your system administration and allow users to focus on work or games.

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Functions of Windows 98

As mentioned above, Windows 98 is the successor of Windows 95. Hence, compared with Windows 95, Windows 98 has some improvements in functions. They mainly reflect on those aspects:

  • Easy to install: When installing Windows 98, the system will automatically guide you to finish the installation process and check all the common hardware such as modems, CD-ROM drives, sound cards and printers.
  • More compatible with the current software and hardware: Windows 98 provides internal support for more than 1900 kinds of hardware devices. It has passed the compatibility test on more than 3500 kinds of popular software. The internal support includes providing 32-bit device drivers, which means the supported hardware will run faster and has higher efficiency under the Windows 98 environment.
  • With plug and play function: When you use plug-and-play devices on the computer, Windows 98 will set them automatically.
  • Improve the interface: The Windows 98 desktop can help you focus on the tasks because it only put a few graphic objects on the desktop enabling it more simplifier than before.
  • Provide better support for MS – DOS without MS – DOS system: Unlike Windows 3.1, Windows 98 will not run on MS – DOS operating system. Windows 98 is tightly integrated operating system that goes directly to the graphical user interface instead of the command line prompt. But Windows 98 still provides compatibility for MS – DOS.
  • Support for long file names: In Windows 98, you can use 255 characters to name files at most, which enables you to find your files easier.
  • The role of the mouse is more prominent: In Windows 98, when you point the moue to any object and click the right button of the mouse, it will pop up a menu listing all kinds of commands related to the object. You can copy, delete, rename, create shortcuts and check the attribute of files or folders through this menu.
  • Play CDs automatically: If you insert a CD that can take advantage of the auto-play function, Windows 98 will automatically play the CD without having to go through lengthy steps to select the appropriate playback tool.
  • Add and improve tools in the attachment: Windows 98 offers a set of tools to adapt to the new interface.
  • Connect with Internet: After installing IE 4.0 in Windows 98, it includes an option to open the active desktop, making IE 4.0 an integrated part of the Windows 98 desktop. By selecting an active desktop, you can turn the desktop wallpaper into an HTML page of activities that can get information directly from the Internet.

What’s more, you can change the traditional Windows Explorer to an Internet browser to change the Windows interface. The Start menu includes the address bar and links, favorites and other content making surfing the Internet more convenient.

Windows 98 Download

You are able to download Windows 98 online in several websites, but none of them are legal. Windows 98 is not distributed online, so there’s no legal approach to download it even from Microsoft. So, how to get Windows 98? If you want to get a version without any malicious software or error, you’d better purchase a new copy of Windows 98.

One option is to find unspoiled copies of Windows 98 online. However, given that Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft and that Windows 98 has several older versions, you may find it challenging to find copies.

Therefore, the best option is to buy Windows 98 on Amazon or other shopping websites like Ebay. Please keep in mind that if you find Windows 98 downloads on an unremarkable website, especially if it’s free or very cheap. It may not be legally downloaded and may contain virus.

However, Microsoft stopped its technical support on July 11, 2006 and finished its mainstream support on July 10, 2003. That also means Windows 98 ends its span.

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