The definition of UDF and its usage & conversion will be talked in this post.

What Is UDF

Universal Disk Format (UDF), a configuration file known as ISO/IEC 13346 and ECMA-167, is an open supplier-neutral file system. It is used to save computer data of various media. In practice, UDF is most widely used in DVD and updated disk formats replacing ISO 9660.

What is UDF file system? UDF, a common file system, is used by optical media to burn programs to store files on discs, so the UDF file extensions (.UDFs) may be less universal actually. In MiniTool, you can obtain more information about UDF.

UDF files

On the contrary, even if the program that performs the burn with the UDF standard, it is likely to add connection between the file itself by appending a different file extension and the end of the file name.

Some UDF files are probably the Excel user-defined functions created by Microsoft Excel, which will carry out some predefined functions when opened.

Tip: UDFs are also acronyms for unrelated technical terms, such as unique database files, user-defined functions, user-defined fonts, and ultra-deep fields, etc.

How to Open a UDF File

Having understood what UDF file system is, you may wonder how to open a UDF file. After all, it is unlike other commo files that you only need to double-click the file to open it. This section will tell you how to open a UDF file quickly.

To open Universal Format files with the UDF extension, you need to use Nero or a file extraction utility (like PeaZip or 7-Zip).

The UDF scripts of Excel user-defined functions are created and used by Microsoft Excel through its built-in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications tools. This can be accessed via the Alt + F11 shortcut in Excel, but the actual script content may not exist in the .UDF file extension but stored in Excel instead.

As UDF files under the Ricoh address book files need to stop using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin software of Ricoh, you are able to open a UDF file with the newer Device Manager NX Lite tool or the older SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin, which can be found on Softpedia.

Tip: UDF files in MS Excel probably store some malicious scripts. Please be careful when you receive or download executable file formats through e-mails or unfamiliar websites.

If the UDF file cannot be opened through the given method in above, you should check whether the file is a universal disk format one or an excel user define function one. Conversely, you may have a file that not ends up with a real .UDF file extension but a similar item instead.

The spelling of some file formats is nearly the same as .UDF like PDF, but it is unable to open the UDF file. It is true for many other file formats and file extension names such as UD files that are OmniPage User Dictionary files used with the OmniPage software.

Therefore, the key point is to check the file extension name carefully when failing to open the UDF file. It is probably that you encounter such kind of issue.   

How to Convert a UDF File

Due to compatibility of files or other factors, you have to transfer the UDF file to other file formats like PDF, ISO. If you have such kind of confusion, please pay attention to this part.

Though UDF format is widely applied to storing data on the disk, converting the file format to media file format is possibly not what you want to do. For instance, if you would like to transfer UDF to MP4 or ISO, you’d better to utilize a video file converter or a DVD ripping program. 

Choose a disk that is going to be saved as an ISO or MPEG and other kinds of video formats. If you need the data that must be in the ISO format, the best method is to use a program just like BurnAware.

Tip: If you are seeking a file system converter which is able to convert UDF to NTFS or FAT32, you can try to format the partition with Disk Management. Remember that some devices don’t support all possible file systems.  
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