Nowadays, vlogs are becoming more and more popular. You might be feeling like you should start one but don’t know how to start it. Don’t worry, this post provides more detailed information about vlog. Besides, you can learn how to start a vlog.

What Is a Vlog?

What is a vlog? A video blog or video log is short for a vlog. It is a form of blog for which the medium is the video and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often include embedded videos (or video links), supported text, images, and other metadata.

Entries can be recorded in one breath or divided into multiple sections. The vlog category is popular on the video-sharing platform YouTube. Charles Trippy has more than 3,000 consecutive videos, under the Internet Killed Television YouTube channel, currently holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Consecutive Daily Personal Video Blogs Posted On YouTube”.

Types of Vlog

Vlogs can be divided into 6 types- personal vlogs, live broadcasting vlogs, informative vlogs, bereavement vlogs, conversational vlogs, and motovlog. Here are more details of them:

Personal vlogs

It is an online video that records the individual. It is used to deliver information that the vlogger intends to introduce to other people. The audience is different from the company or organization.

Live broadcasting vlogs

YouTube announced YouTube Live in 2008. It is a live broadcasting feature and was also established by other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Maybe you are interested in this post – The Best Instagram Video Format and Specification in 2020.

Informative vlogs

It is designed to educate the viewer about a particular subject.

Bereavement vlogs

It is designed to express feelings of loss, grief, and mourning.

Conversational vlogs

It is designed to be formal and create a civil discussion.


It is created when riding a motorcycle.

Uses of Vlog

A vlog can be used in three aspects – impression, education as well as health. Details are as follows:


Vlog makes it possible to use non-verbal prompts to understand the vlogger’s personality, culture, and impressions


Vlogging has experimented on the school system to determine if it is a reliable platform to provide students with higher education practice


Vlogging has recently been used in research to study how the platform can create a useful community around people with chronic diseases to inform viewers and build closedness.

How to Start a Vlog?

Then, I will introduce how to start a vlog for you. You need to learn about your audience to increase the chance for success and familiarize yourself with the platform. Then, make your YouTube channel and brand yourself.

People like to consume content in different ways, just as some people like to read or listen to stories or suggestions, while others like to watch content. There are many benefits of vlogging for growing an audience.

More people are watching – As a main source of entertainment, YouTube is chosen by more and more people choosing to watch over traditional television or even Netflix.

Build personal connection – Building a personal connection with your audience through vlogging is much easier than through writing or podcasting.

Build audience loyalty – Vlogging will help you build loyalty by connecting with the audience on a more personal level if you’ve already built them.

What vlog camera should I use

The first question you may ask is “what vlog camera should I use”. Higher quality audio and video will make you look more professional, but even if the content isn’t fun, even the most beautifully shot vlog in the world will divert viewers. This post – Top 5 Best Cameras for YouTube in 2020 can provide you with some suggestions.

What should I talk about?

The second question – what should I talk about? After you launch your channel, you can take a bit of inspiration from some great vloggers? You can refer to all of your favorite vloggers and check out some popular channels that are related to your niche.

Then you can start to share your thoughts and experience and things that inspiring you or frustrating you at the moment. You’ll still be creating content, but you’ll never have to wonder what to talk about. It will instantly be relatable since you’re just being yourself.

The End

To sum up, you have known the definition, types, uses, and benefits of the vlog. Besides, you acquire some suggestions about the vlog as well as the steps to start a vlog. I hope this post can be useful to you.

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