There are more than one type of the USB to USB cable such as male-to-male USB cable and USB-C to USB Adapter. Do you know what the USB to USB cable is and what it is used for? If you don’t know, read this post carefully to find the answers now.

Since there is more than one variety of USB to USB, it’s important to use the right type of USB to USB cable. What is USB to USB used for? The only USB to USB cable used to connect two PCs is called a “bridge cable”, sometimes also called a “USB data transfer cable”, “USB networking cable” or “USB link cable”.

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The right cable has an electronic circuit in the center (you will see the bump) and has male USB connectors at both ends. You can use it to transfer data between two devices. Maybe you are interested in this post – 5 Effective Methods to Speed up USB Transfer in Windows 10/8/7.

USB Type A Male to Type A Male

One of the USB to USB cables is a USB type A male to type A male, which is supporting data transfer rate at up to 480Mbps. It is fully compatible with USB 1.0,1.1 and the cable length is 25Ft / 8M. It supports plug play connections for devices including external hard drives, modems, printers, scanners, VOIP devices other USB peripherals.

USB type A male to type A male

What Uses Can USB Type A Male to Type A Male Cable Be Put to?

The only use for a Male-A to Male-A is if you have a device that for some reason has an A instead of a B connector. With the 5-pin mini and micro connectors, pin 4 is used to indicate whether the thing it’s plugged into should behave as a host or device.

Usually, pin 4 is left unconnected and it’s up to the user to select what should happen, assuming one of the equipment has OTG (On-The-Go, both host and device) capability, but you do occasionally come across a cable with pin 4 grounded at one end.

This end should be marked because it causes OTG equipment to change to host mode. Device-only equipment like a printer should ignore pin 4.

USB-C to USB Adapter

Macs cannot technically connect to one another via a USB cable. Running a cable from one computer’s USB port to the other computer’s Ethernet port is the closest you can get to a USB-to-USB connection on a Mac.

  • USB-to-Ethernet connector: These connectors are universal, meaning you don’t have to buy one specifically made for Apple computers. One end of the adapter has a male USB connector, the other a female RJ-45 port for the Ethernet cable.
  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet cable: This cable is standard, has RJ-45 connectors at either end and can be purchased at any electronics store.

However, the USB-C to USB adapter lets you connect iOS devices and many of your standard USB accessories to a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) enabled Mac. The USB-C to USB adapter is one of the USB to USB cables.

USB-C to USB Adapter

Apple Increases LaCie USB-C Drive for Mac to Its Lineup
Apple Increases LaCie USB-C Drive for Mac to Its Lineup

Apple Company carries the LaCie USB-C drive which is used for Mack to its lineup. And this post will show more detailed information.

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Plug the USB-C end of the adapter into a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port on your Mac, and then connect your flash drive, camera, or other standard USB devices. You can also connect a Lightning to USB cable to sync and charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

USB-C to USB Adapter is compatible with the 12-inch MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro 21.5-inch iMac -, 27-inch iMac, and iMac Pro.

Further Reading:

USB adapter, a kind of protocol converter, is used for converting USB data signals to and from other communications standards. That is to say, the USB data can be switched to standard serial port data through a USB adapter and vice versa.

Generally speaking, the USB data signals are converted to RS232, RS485, RS422, or TTL-level UART serial data, while the older serial RS423 protocol is rarely utilized at present, so USB to RS423 adapters are less common.

Final Words

It’s time to make a conclusion. You have known what USB to USB is and what it is used for. In addition, you have learned the two types of it- USB type A male to type A male and USB-C to USB Adapter.

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