USB can connect your computer to almost every other important device. The Internet can connect your computer to any other computer in the world. Combine them and it is called USB over Ethernet. This post provides more information about it.

What Is USB over Ethernet

What is USB over Ethernet? It is also known as USB over network or USB over IP, which is a system for sharing USB-based devices over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or even the Internet. Essentially, you can remotely control USB devices such as printers, flash drives, and webcams from another computer. You can access data from a USB flash drive.

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What Can USB over Ethernet be Used for?

What can USB over Ethernet be used for? Here is the detailed information.

1. Share a USB Drive’s Data Across All Computers

USB over Ethernet can be used to share the USB driver’s data across all computers. You need to insert the USB flash drive and it will show up in your software. Click Share and anyone on your LAN network or Remote Desktop network can read or copy its contents like any normal USB drive.

2. Unlock Multiple Computers with a Single USB Key

Work environments often require some extra protection. You can get two-factor authentication with a USB key. It’s also a great way to lock down your entire network by removing one of your keys.

3. Share a Printer with Multiple Computers

Wi-Fi is a must for printers, an easy way to print anything in your small office. But if you haven’t purchased a wireless printer, you can share it over the network using USB over Ethernet.

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4. Learn What’s Going on with Networked Webcams

You can already use webcams for home monitoring, so how do you view the contents of any webcam connected to the network. Or even use it as a regular webcam!

5. Connect to Projector

You are all sitting in the conference room. A person’s laptop is connected to the projector. If someone else wants to project something on the screen, USB over Ethernet lets anyone on the network connect to the projector wirelessly.

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6. Use a Single Keyboard and Mouse for Multiple Computers

If you’re using USB Over Ethernet on your home network, you can control any computer from a single keyboard and mouse combination on the host device.

USB Over Ethernet Apps

The following are some USB over Ethernet apps and detailed information about these apps.

  1. USB/IP: Windows and Linux. Only free programs. We couldn’t get it to work in our tests, but free apps are always worth trying first.
  2. USB Ethernet: Windows only. Cost-effective.
  3. USB networking: Windows and Linux. expensive.
  4. USB Network Gate: Windows, Linux, or Mac host device. Best of all, the setup isn’t complicated. Made by the same developers as FlexiHub, so you can use the FlexiHub interface on top of that. Secured with 256-bit encryption.
  5. VirtualHere: Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, NAS, and Android host devices. Untested due to a bug with our device, but online reviews suggest it works well. Cheapest option so far.
  6. FlexiHub: Windows host device only, but any platform can remotely access the Windows host’s USB. Simplest setup. Cost-effective as it is priced based on active connections rather than the total number of devices FlexiHub is installed on. Secured with 256-bit encryption.

Final Words

Here is all information about the USB over Ethernet. I hope that this post can be helpful to you.

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