This post will tell you what storage per disk is.

Storage per disk, one of quite important parameters of hard disk, determines the level of hard to some extent. The hard disk is composed by several storage disks, and the storage per disk is the maximum amount of data that can be saved on a storage disk. Hard disk manufactures can enlarge the disk capacity by two methods. One is increasing the amount of storage disk. As this is limited by the overall volume and production cost of the hard disk, the number of storage disk is within 5 in general. The other method is increasing storage per disk.

storage per disk

Name: storage per disk

Property: one of quite important parameters of hard disk

Function: determining the hard disk level


For example, if Seagate Barracuda Five series hard disks with 60GB storage per disk and Seagate 7200.7 series hard disks with 80GB storage per disk use two disks, the difference in the total capacity will be 40GB. It can be seen that the storage per disk has an effect on disk capacity.

Meanwhile, the increase of storage per disk can not only extend the whole capacity of hard disk, but also do good to the controlling of production cost so as to improve its working stability. The increase of disk capacity means manufactures should create more tracks. Although for manufactures, the demand for technique is quite high, the enhancement of track density represents the promotion of data density. So, the head can read more data when the disk rotates one circle during the hard disk working period.

In addition, with the increase of storage per disk, the number of track in per unit area also increases. And this slows down the seek time of the hard disk. What’s more, the increase of the storage per disk can save production cost to a certain degree and it puts forward higher requirements for the head.

The storage per disk is gradually enhanced along with the advancement of hard disk technology. The disk capacity of 40GB appeared in 2000, but till the middle of 2001, it was widely used on the market. By 2002, IBM, West Digital, Seagate and Samsung all launched hard disk with 60GB capacity. The earliest one – SpinPoint V60 series was released by Samsung in May, 2002, and followed by West Digital and Seagate, which launched Barracuda V and Caviar series of 7200rpm hard disk a month later.


The first hard disk product with 80GB storage per disk is DiamondMax Plus 9, which was released by Maxtor in October of 2002. And later, Seagate launched Barracuda 7200.7 series hard disks and 5400.1 series hard disks with 80GB storage per disk.

In September of 2003, Seagate released Barracuda 7200.7 series hard disk with 200GB storage per disk, and in September of 2004, Barracuda 7200.8 series hard disk with 133GB storage per disk was released by Seagate. This improved the storage per disk of hard disk to a new height. However, people’s demand for hard disk capacity cannot be satisfied. So the development of storage per disk will keep moving forward, and hard disk with larger capacity will appear very soon.

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