Seagate st1000dm003-1ch162 1TB hard drive will be introduced in this post. Besides, some other hard drives are also included in it. You can make a comparison before purchasing one.

An Overview of Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162

Are you wondering which hard drive you should buy? If you want to buy a 500GB hard drive, st500dm002-1bd142 and wd5000lpvx are worth considering. You can compare them and then select one. As for 1TB hard drives, mq01abd1001 and Seagate Samsung st1000lm024 are OK.

Here, one more 1TB hard drive – st1000dm003-1ch162 will be introduced to you. It is released by the famous HDD manufacturer Seagate and earns plenty of users’ favor. If you also like it, you can acquire more details about it in this post of MiniTool.

Seagate st1000dm003 1ch162 1TB internal hard drive

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When talking about a hard drive, you may pay attention to its manufacturer, capacity, write/read speed, performance, consistency, etc. Of course, this is very crucial. Here is a brief introduction of st1000dm003-1ch162. First of all, the Seagate st1000dm003 hard drive is ideal for every desktop and computing storage.

Tip: Before utilizing it, you need to format it first. You are able to format the hard drive with ease in Windows 10/8/7 by following the guide.

With the 1TB capacity, you are able to store 120 HD video, or 200, 000 photos, or 250,000 songs. Besides, its SATA interface gives you a fast data storage experience, which reaches 6GB per second. Given to that fact, you don’t have to wait for a very long time when storing a large amount of data in the next time.

The following section will introduce some st1000dm003-1ch162 specs such as physical features, performance and other details to you. To get more detailed information about the hard drive, please keep reading.

ST1000DM003-1ch162 Specs

This section will be divided into 5 parts. They are basic information, interface provided, hard drive parameters, performance of the hard drive, header of the hard drive respectively. There’s one thing you need to know is that the number of the width, depth, height is measured manually, so you can ignore the slight deviation between the described size and the actual one.

If you are not clear about its specifications, you need to read the section below carefully. Now, let’s see explore one by one.

Basic Information:

  • Device type: hard drive – internal
  • Bytes per sector: 4096Hz
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Buffer size: 64MB
  • Width: 4inch
  • Depth: 5.8inch
  • Height: 0.8inch
  • Weight: 14.11oz
  • Mode: active, idle, sleep, standby
  • Value: 0.63Watt, 3.36Watt, 5.9Watt
  • Manufacturer: Seagate

Interface Provided:

  • Qty: 1
  • Connector type: 7 pin Serial ATA
  • Storage interface: Serial ATA-600

Hard Drive Parameters:

  • Form factor: 3.5″ x 1/4H
  • Form factor (short): 3.5″
  • Form factor (metric): 8.9cm x 1/4H
  • Form factor (short)(metric): 8.9cm
  • Data transfer rate: 600MBps
  • Internal data rate: 210 MBps
  • Internal data rate (write): 156MBps
  • Non-recoverable errors: 1 per 10^14
  • Load/unload cycles: 300, 000
  • Min operating temperature: 32 °F
  • Max: operating temperature: 140 °F

Performance of the Hard Drive:

  • Internal data rate: 210 MBps (read), 156 MBps (write)
  • Max seek time: 9.5ms
  • Drive transfer rate: 600 MBps (external)
  • Spindle speed: 7200rpm

Header of the Hard Drive:

  • Number of disks: 1
  • Number of heads: 2
  • Product line: Seagate Desktop HDD
  • Model: ST1000DM003
  • Packaged quantity: 25
  • Compatibility: PC

Read here, you may have a deeper understanding of Seagate st1000dm003. However, you may raise a question what advantages or disadvantages does this drive have compared with other similar hard drives. After all, that’s all objective information of the hard drive. Don’t hurry, you will see that in the next part.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ST1000DM003 1CH162

Like a coin, Seagate st1000dm003 – 1ch162 has its pros and cons. What are they? Now, let’s explore them together.

It has very good average bench. The average bench of Seagate Barracuda is just 12.4% lower than the highest scores obtained by the group leaders. Its average 4k random mixed IO speed is 0.77MB/s, while the average sequential read speed is 157MB/s.

However, it has poor consistency. The score range (95th-5th) for the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB is 70%. This is a rather wide range, which means that the drive performs inconsistently under varying conditions. To be specific, its average sequential mixed IO speed is 74.0MB/s, while its average random write speed is 1.66MB/s.

Final Words

After reading the whole post, especially the advantages and disadvantages of st1000dm003-1ch162, you may have your answer to the question whether to buy or not. If you want to pick it, please go to the shopping websites such as Amazon, eBay or other official stores to purchase.

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