This post will introduce you a kind of keyboard – RGB keyboard. It will tell you the definition, main features, purchase tips on RGB keyboards. Besides, you will obtain some addition information about this keyboard.

Keyboard is one of the most important parts for the computer. Here are various kinds of keyboards on the market. We have introduced you mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard, and Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard in our previous articles. Today, the point comes to RGB keyboard.

What Is RGB Keyboard

The RGB keyboard refers to an advanced type of LED backlit keyboard, which produces custom colors by projecting simultaneous combinations of red, green, as well as blue. RGB keyboard allows you to choose the specific favorite colors and program to appear on certain keys or in special sequences.

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What’s more, you are able to link your keyboard lighting effects to exact functions and game events or the real-time performance of your computer. The RGB gaming keyboards initially attracted people’s attention as external accessory in the advanced home gaming systems.

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Since then, that market continues to increase. Based on that, RGB keyboards are also available on high-performance laptops like Lenovo’s new Legion Y730 and Legion Y740. At present, people who would like to show a little personality on their system can create and travel with their preferred key patterns and colors on RGB keyboard.

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Main Features of RGB Keyboard

The keyboard RGB has many features. Some of them are practical, while others are aesthetic. Firstly, you can locate all the important WASD keys to make full use of North-South-East-West keystroke via RGB keyboard. Actually, RGB keyboard brings you other benefits besides moving around in the game environment.

  • The custom key maps can highlight your favorite firing patterns, spell-throws, and etc.
  • The colors will warn you as your system is too hot or the wireless connection is down.
  • You can sync lights to match game-enforced capability slowdown times.
  • The profiles are helpful for coordinating keyboard lights with any other RGB peripherals.
  • The lighted keys help you use system at night.
  • Each key-press can generate a color-keyed visual response, not simply a tactile one.

As for aesthetic aspect, RGB keyboards has the following features.

  • The key colors and patterns are great ways to show a company’s or family’s personality.
  • You can find a favorite color from the 16+ million shade.

How to Choose a Correct RGB Keyboard

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a RGB keyboard? To help you make a wise choice, we would like to give you some advice. Generally speaking, a good RGB keyboard has the following characteristics.

  • Separately lit keys: In a customizable RGB keyboard, it is vital to have separately lit key on each key.
  • Lighting controls for groups of keys: As each key is separately backlit, it is hard to control each key individually. Hence, it is necessary to get lighting control for groups of keys.
  • A lighting on/off toggle: It is a kind of hardware control that can wake your keyboard up quickly in emergent situation.
  • RGB effects built-in to games: You nee to pay attention to the RGB effects and look for the specific game support in the software.
  • All the hues you paid for: Check if the number of colors is the same as it has claimed.
  • Good software: You need good software to control all the glowing lights.
  • Mouse syncing: The keyboard RGB can coordinate with your mouse thanks to this feature. In addition, it can assume if your mouse is RGB-capable.
  • Media controls: The controls are not specific, but you’d better to insist on them.
  • Community-created lighting: This feature is helpful for sharing lighting effects with friends.
  • Game profiles: Any keyboard with its own brand should support unlimited game-specific profiles.

Best RGB Keyboards

If you don’t know which RGB keyboard is good, take the following keyboards as your reference.

  • SteelSeries Apex Pro
  • Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT
  • SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL
  • HyperX Alloy Origins
  • Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Riotoro Ghostwriter Cherry MX Black Mechanical Keyboard with Customizable Prism RGB

What is RGB keyboard? Read here, you may have an overall understanding of it. Besides, you can choose a good keyboard RGB by referring to the given tips. Alternatively, you are able to select one from recommended keyboards.

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