There are many file formats that make people confused, such as exe. File, pdf. File, dox. File, these are some familiar names for us. But PDB files may trigger people’s interest. This article on MiniTool Website will bring you guys to see what a PDB file is and how to use it.

What Is a PDB File?

PDB is an abbreviation of a Program database. It is a file format used to store debugging information about a program or modules such as a DLL or EXE. You can identify these kinds of file formats by their .pdb extension.

The PDB file mainly stores the basic information required by the debugger, including the source file name, variable name, function name, frame pointer, corresponding line number, and so on.

The PDB file is usually generated in Debug mode because it stores debugging information. This type of file is usually encountered when using the eBooks of the Palm system. it is usually used for eBooks or mobile eBooks.

The PDB file is generated when compiling the project. It is generated with the corresponding module (EXE or DLL). You can open PDB files by using some of the unique PDB readers. If you want to convert PDB files to TXT files, you can use a special converter to finish that.

Open a PDB File

As we mentioned before, you need to use some special tools, such as Geneious, Quicken, Visual Studio, and Pegasus, to open a PDB file. Those PDB files will be stored in these programs in a structured database format so some PDB files are only available for one program to open.

Some PDB files can be opened by any text document reader as human-readable texts. For example, you can use your Notepad program built into your Windows to read text documents.

Otherwise, you can read this kind only via one specified program because of its tailored design and configuration. The PDB file is not a text document.

Besides, you can view and edit PDB files in Windows, Linux, and macOS with some programs, such as RasMol, QuickPDB, and USCF Chimera.

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Convert a PDB File

If you want to convert PDB files to other files, you can use a special converter to finish that. It is hard to convert PDB files into other file formats but there are some programs developed for this purpose. As for these kinds of converters, they can also open PDB files.

For different PDB converters, the method to convert them is different. For example, you can use MeshLab and USCF Chimera to first convert PDB files into WRL files which is an extension of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) format, then import the WRL file into the program, and ultimately convert the PDB file to STL or another file format.

If you want to convert PDB files to PDF or EPUB files, you can use the Zamzar program to upload your files, and then more convert options are available for you, such as AZW3, FB2, PRC, TXT, and other eBook file formats.

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What Should You Do If the PDB files Can’t Open?

Some people may have tried everything to open this file but fail to finish. In this way, you need to check if the file actually belongs to the PDB files; the file extension will tell you the answer and don’t mistake it.

Besides, as we mentioned, some PDB files only open via some specified programs. And those file extensions will differ from the PDB files as text documents, available for all text readers.

If you can’t make sure which program can open it, you can research the file name on the Internet and you will find the appropriate program that opens or converts it.

Apart from PDB file converters for the PC version, you can also open or convert PDB files on your phone via some third-party tools. You can choose any other PDB file-supported reader or converter on Google Play or Apple Store.

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Bottom Line:

What is a PDB file? This question has been answered in this article. For more file format information, you will see them on MiniTool Website and get a better understanding of them.

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