This article introduces some information about mobile hard disk, including its features and damages.

Mobile hard disk is a portable storage device used for storing massive computer data. Most mobile hard disks on the market are based on the standard hard drive, while a few of them are based on the micro drive. Considering price, the mainstream mobile hard disk is based on the standard notebook hard drives. In addition, the mobile hard disk read-write mode is equal to the IDE mode. Mobile hard disk uses USB, IEEE1394 and other interfaces to quickly transfer data.

Mobile Hard Disk


Large Capacity

Mobile hard disk is a good mobile storage product since it provides considerable storage capacity. In addition, it is not very expensive. And, the capacity of mobile hard disk can reach 12TB. Therefore, this kind of storage device has been widely accepted by the public. Besides, there is desktop mobile hard disk whose capacity is 4TB. With the development of technology, the capacity of mobile hard disk will get larger and larger.

Small Size

Mobile hard disks come in different size, including1.8 inch, 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch. And the 2.5 inch disk is widely used on notebook since it is small and has no external power supply. Mobile hard disks usually use USB interface whose function is not very well. And actually the 2.5 inch disk is different from the hard disk that notebook uses. The starting current of notebook is about 900mA, while mobile hard disk needs 700mA. Therefore, if users want to assemble mobile hard disk by themselves, they need to find a special mobile hard disk core.

3.5inch hard disks use desktop computer hard drives. Although it has external power supply and cooling fan, its volume is relatively large.

High Speed

Mobile hard disk uses USB, IEEE1394 and other interfaces to quickly transfer data. The data transfer rate of USB 2.0 interface is 60MB/s, and rate of USB 3.0 is 625MB/s, and transfer rate of IEEE1394 can reach 50-100MB/s. Therefore, it only needs a few minutes to read several GB of large files, and it is suitable for storing and exchanging video and audio files.

Easy to Use

Mainstream PC has been equipped with the USB function, and its motherboard provides two to eight USB ports. Some monitors also provide USB adapters, and USB interface is the essential PC interface. In most Windows operating system ( excepting Windows 98 ), users can directly use USB devices without installing driver. But, larger capacity hard disk like 160G disk needs external power supply since its high rotation property.


The security of mobile hard disk is the topic everyone concerns. Mobile hard disk has won over many users since its high-speed, large capacity and convenience. But, its greatest advantage is that it can ensure data security. This kind of disk adopts silica discs that provide large capacity and reliability to improve data integrity.

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Hard drive, made of silicon-oxygen, makes USB has a high reliability. Besides, it provides shockproof function to prevent disc being damaged.

The Cause of the Damage

The mobile hard disk damage includes head damage, control circuit damage, comprehensive damage and physical damage.

Head Damage

A part of the head assembly is damaged due to various reasons, including pollution of head, wear, deformation of head arm. As a result, the head can’t read and write data normally.

Control Circuit Damage

The control circuit damage means there is short circuit and open circuit or IC card chip is damaged. Thus, after receiving electricity source, the disc does not work, or the head is unable to find the right track.

Comprehensive Damage

Comprehensive damage mainly refers to the problems brought by some minor changes. For example, excessive heat will cause card chip to age, and the location of the enclosure/disk/spindle motor will be changed if it is received a shock.

Physical Damage

Hard disk physical damage is caused by collision, head disk friction and other reasons. The soft damage includes tracks serving information error, system information error and logical error of the sectors ( it is commonly called “bad sectors ).

Tip: If mobile hard disk is physically damaged, you cannot access its data. Therefore, it is very necessary to backup all important files. And, MiniTool ShadowMaker is a great data protection solution. 
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