This article will introduce a kind of memory – GDDR6. What is GDDR6? What does GDDR6 mean? You can find the answers from this post.

What Is GDDR6

The GDDR6 is short for graphics double data rate type six synchronous dynamic random-access memory. It is a kind of synchronous graphics random-access memory (SGRAM). It has a high bandwidth interface that is very suitable for the use in graphics cards, game consoles, as well as high-performance computing.

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what is GDDR6 memory

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The memory of computer is also known as RAM or DDR. Besides, graphics memory is called GDDR instead of DDR. The new generation of console utilizes older GDDR5 memory, while latest computers use the faster DDR6 memory. What does GDDR6 mean? It is the successor to the GDDR5.


GDDR5 memory has been used by PC graphics cards about 10 years. While for GDDR6, it initially appeared in AMD and NVIDIA graphics card in early 2019. GDDR5 vs GDDR6: which one is better?

It is obvious that GDDR6 has made some improvements based on GDDR5. For instance, GDDR6 has a faster speed than GDDR5. To be specific, the maximum data rate of GDDR5 is 8GB/s, the highest speed of GDDR5X is 12GB/s, while the peak data rate of GDDR6 is 16GB/s.

In addition., GDDR6 memory can also be produced in large size and quantities. It has distinctive difference from the GDDR5. The GDDR5 parts were usually produced with sizes ranging from 512MB to 8GB, while the GDDR6 is available in sizes from 8GB to 16GB.

Note: You can get the rough data (the amount of memory speed, bus width and capacity) by checking the bandwidth provided by desktop graphics cards.

How much do you need for the normal running of your console? It is quite easy to calculate the amount of required memory if you are playing one the console. It would become a complex issue for a PC or laptop gamer because it depends on the personal preference and budget.

Fortunately, there are some experience that you can refer to. For example, if you would like to play games at 1080p or play some esports titles, it would be OK with an either 4GB or 6GB graphics memory.

While if you want to play on 1440p displays and widescreen panels, you are required to get a GPU with 6GB or 8GB memory. For 4k gaming, you should get 8GB graphics memory at least.


When talking about memory technology, there are various kinds of memory on the market such as HBM2, RRAM, SRAM, etc. As for different memory formats, there memory stick, RAM disk, as well as USB flash drive, and so forth.

Among them, HBM2 is frequently talked about and compared with GDDR6. Here comes the question – GDDR6 vs HBM2: which one is better. To make a wise choice, you should compare them on some key aspects to see which one outperforms the other.

The first difference between GDDR6 and HBM2 is the raw capability. Compared with GDDR6, HBM has an obvious and absolute bandwidth advantage. However, the data rates of GDDR6 are much higher per-pin (the amount of pin is smaller than that of HBM.

HBM2 has advantages over GDDR6 in the case of considering the need for maximum bandwidth in the power-constrained environment. Why many users don’t select HBM2? According to user report, design complexity and the overall cost are the main reasons for that.

GDDR6 memory is also recommended by experts. GDDR6 vs HBM2: which one to select? You may have the decision now.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, this post shows you what GDDR6 memory is, GDDR5 vs GDDR6, GDDR6 vs HBM2 and some related information. After reading the post, you will have a further understanding of GDDR6. What’s more, you can distinguish GDDR5 and GDDR6 clearly.

By comparing GDDR6 and HBM2, you are able to choose a proper and great memory. In a word, this guide is a comprehensive one that can benefit you a lot. Here comes the end of the post.

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