After using a computer for a long time, more and more data are saved on disk partitions, which may cause partition short of space. Well, how to extend partition? With MiniTool Partition Wizard, users can extend partition by taking space from another partition or from an unallocated space, which is very convenient.

About Extend Partition

Extend Partition directly takes free space from any other existing partitions or unallocated space to enlarge a partition on the same disk while Move/Resize Partition requires contiguous unallocated space. Under the following 2 situations, Extend Partition is suggested.

  1. Extend a partition to non-contiguous unallocated or free space.
  2. There is no unallocated or free space on the disk.

How to Extend Partition

Tip: To extend C drive without boot issue, it is recommended that users create a MiniTool bootable media first, use it to boot computer then, and extend C drive finally in the boot mode.

Step 1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its main interface. Then, select the partition which needs extending and choose Extend Partition from the left action panel or choose Extend from the right-click menu.

extend partition

Step 2. Open the drop-down list of Take Free Space from and choose a partition or unallocated space to take free space. Then, drag the sliding handle leftwards or rightwards to decide how much space to take, with partition size changing intuitively. After that, click OK to continue.

take free space from another partition

Step 3. Click Apply button to apply changes.

click Apply

This is the end of MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial to Extend Partition.

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