Have you found, downloaded, or received an ELT file but don't know what it is and? Besides, you may find that when you try to open it but can’t do that. How to open it? This post provides answers to the above questions.

What Is the ELT File?

What is ELT file? ELT file is the abbreviation of Event List Text. ELT is the file extension usually associated with NEPLAN topology files. NEPLAN defines the NEPLAN topology format standard. Files with the ELT extension can be used by programs distributed for the Windows platform. The ELT file format and 6033 other file formats belong to the Misc Files category.

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How to Open the ELT File?

How to open the ELT file? Follow the guide below:

Step 1. Download and install NEPLAN

Problems opening and using ELT files are most likely related to not having the appropriate software on your computer that is compatible with ELT files. The solution is simple, just download and install NEPLAN. A full list of programs grouped by operating system can be found above. The safest way to download an installed NEPLAN is to visit the developer website (NEPLAN) and use the link provided to download the software.

Step 2. Update NEPLAN to the latest version

If the problem opening ELT files persists after installing NEPLAN, it may be an outdated version of your software. Check the developer’s website for a newer version of NEPLAN available. Software creators may also increase compatibility with other newer file formats by updating their applications. The reason why NEPLAN cannot process files with ELT may be due to outdated software. The latest version of NEPLAN should support all file formats compatible with older versions of the software.

Step 3. Associate the NEPLAN topology file with NEPLAN

If you have the latest version of NEPLAN installed and the problem persists, select it as the default program for managing ELT on your device. The process for associating a file format with a default application may vary by platform, but the basic process is very similar.

Step 4. Check for the ELT file

If you find you still can’t open the ELT file, it’s recommended to check if the ELT file is complete. The following are the items you should check.

1. The ELT may be infected with malware – be sure to scan it with an antivirus tool.

If the ELT is infected with a virus, this may be preventing you from accessing it. Scan ELT files and your computer for malware or viruses. If the ELT file is indeed infected, please follow the instructions below.

2. Make sure the files with the ELT extension are complete

If someone else sent you the ELT file, ask that person to resend the file to you. The file may not have been properly copied to the datastore and is incomplete and therefore cannot be opened. If the ELT file was only partially downloaded from the Internet, try downloading it again.

3. Check that the user you are logged in has administrative rights.

Some files require elevated access to open them. Log in with an administrative account and see if that solves the problem.

4. Make sure the system has enough resources to run NEPLAN

If the system is under heavy load, it may not be able to process the program you use to open files with the ELT extension. Close other applications in this case.

5. Check if you have the latest updates for your operating system and drivers

Up-to-date systems and drivers not only make your computer more secure but also resolve issues with NEPLAN topology files. One of the available system or driver updates may resolve issues affecting ELT files for older versions of a given software.

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Final Words

Now, you have known what the ELT file is and how to open the ELT file. I hope that this post can be helpful to you.

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