Files with the file extension .bup can only be launched by certain applications. What is the BUP file? How to Open it? How to convert it? If you want to get the answers, please read this post from MiniTool carefully.

What Is BUP File

BUP files are backup files created by various computer applications and stored on the PC. These files are usually created from DVD files as image backup files to create a backup image of the contents on the DVD to the computer.

If you are playing a DVD on your computer and you cannot read the .IFO file due to scratches on the surface, you can use the .bup file to retrieve the data. Programs that archive and store user information also use BUP files. In some cases, the .bup file will contain a backup file created by the application before the application crashes to prevent data loss.

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How to Open BUP File

You can double-click the .bup file to launch it on the PC. If your file association settings are correct, the application can open the .bup file. You may need to download or purchase the correct application.

You may also have the correct application on your PC, but the .bup file is not yet associated with it. When you try to open a .bup file, you can tell Windows which application is the correct application for the file.


BUP, VOB, IFO, TS, and VOB are all related to DVDs. The following are the details.


VOB (Video Object) is a native storage file format. It is a container format in DVD-Video media. This file format contains a majority of the data that is stored on a disk that includes digital video, audio, navigation content, DVD menus, and subtitles.

A VOB file is the core of any DVD video and is often found in the VIDEO_TS folder with the .vob extension. This is a movie data file. It is the source of the actual movie data such as MP2, DTS, AC3, as well as a MPEG-2 video stream. Files in the VOB format might be encrypted.


Usually called ISO, an ISO image file is an archive file that contains all the data on CD-DVD, Blu-ray, or CD (including file system). ISO files can be used to create backups and distribute large programs that need to be burned on discs. The file extension is .iso, and the name is taken from the file system used by optical media, which is usually ISO 9660.


TS stands for Transport Stream, which is a video stream file that stores the video on a DVD. The file can also store audio and data information. The file uses MPEG-2 compression to compress video data. These files are saved on DVDs with multiple numbers and can be played by different players and editing tools.

How to Convert BUP File

To enable ordinary players and devices to access BUP files, you can convert BUP to MP4 or other ordinary video formats.  It’s recommended to use MiniTool Video Converter, which is a piece of free and professional software. It is a comprehensive file converter.

Here is how to convert the BUP file to MP4 with MiniTool Video Converter.

Step 1: Install and Launch MiniTool Video Converter

Get the installation package by clicking the following download button. Then, run the set-up file and install it on your PC. After the installation process is finished, double-click the desktop icon to launch it.

Step 2: Upload the MOV File that You Want to Convert

Now, click the Add Files button under the Video Convert tab. Then, you can choose the MOV files that you want to convert. You can also click the + icon or simply drag the file into the upload area to add the file.

click the Add Files button

Step 3: Select MOV as the Output Format

Navigate to the Convert all files to part. Click the Video tab and scroll down to choose the MP4 file format as the output format. Here, you can choose the video quality and resolution.

Step 4: Start the Conversion Process

After choosing the output file format, you need to click the Convert button. After a few minutes, you will convert the BUP file to MP4 successfully.

Main Features

  • 100% free, no bundles, no ads, and no watermarks.
  • Optional output format and fast conversion speed.
  • Make video and audio files compatible with mobile devices.
  • Support 1000+ conversions between videos and audio formats.

Final Words

To sum up, this post mainly introduces the definition, the opening ways, and the conversion of the BUP file. Besides, you can know the differences between VOB, IFO, TS, and BUP.

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