This post mainly introduces 4k pictures, including its definition, usage, and its main features (pros and cons). You will have a comprehensive understanding of it after reading this post.

What Is 4K Picture

You may be very familiar with pictures, but do you know what 4k picture is? What it refers to? Don’t hurry! MiniTool will show you the definition of 4k picture and some of its basic information.

Have you ever regretted that you missed the moment when a bird’s wing skimmed the lake while in flight? You have already set the camera to the shooting object, but you still missed or unclearly recorded the memorable moment.

With the 4K picture technology, you can record the flash moment clearly. Here comes the question – what is 4k picture. To know the answer, please keep reading the following content.

A 4k picture is a single frame grab taken from 4k video footage with full photographic quality. To be specific, this new technology enables you to take an 8.3MB standstill image from a video and then print. You can print the image as large as A3 with full details.

4K images can be applied in all aspects of photography ranging from a street shoot to portraiture and wedding party. In a word, it has no limits. As it has no shutter noise, it is especially useful when you are planning to take photos in nature or any other quiet places such as races.

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The Working Style of 4K Pictures

In fact, 4K picture is a burst shooting form. This is different from the continuous or high-speed capture provided by Lumix cameras that is about 12fps. That is because that function is utilizing the full resolution of the sensor, for instance, 16 megapixels.

The function that 4K photos offer is a faster capture at 30 frames per second, which is impressive and able to freeze quick-moving actions, while that is cannot be conducted by 12fps. For example, if you want to take photos for jumping players, you can use 4k pictures to freeze all the actions of jumping.

After all the jumping action finishes, you are able to choose a picture that has the best quality. Then, save the selected picture. Though the options vary in different cameras (depending on the power to offer to some extent), the working method is same on all types of cameras.

Why do you need to use 4k images? After reading the above description, you may have answers. It is very suitable for recording some games like basketball, football, swimming, and other quick-to-disappear moments.

If you are going to record the activity of animals, flashing starts, running pose, and other things that have high requirements for photo definition, 4k picture technology is a nice choice.

How to Take 4K Pictures from Videos

If you have taken some 4k videos, you can acquire a 4k photo from them easily. Here are 2 methods for that. The first option is to view on the back of camera, pause the footage and move frame by frame until you get the shot you are satisfied with. Then, store it to your storage device like TF card in JPEG format.

Another way to take 4k pictures is to import the video into Adobe Lightroom, and then capture your frame on your computer. No matter what method you utilize, you can perform any processing operations for your pictures on Lightroom.

In a word, it is very easy to take 4k pictures. It is quick and user-friendly. The devices that can take 4k pictures are not limited to Lumix GH4, because you can also get the picture from LX100, CM-1 and FZ1000 Panasonic DMC cameras. All these are the advantages of 4k pictures.

On the contrary, not being allowed to print larger than A3 probably is its disadvantage, but it doesn’t have much impact on users in fact. This is because the 4k picture itself is already large enough for an album.

To sum up, this post mainly introduces you the definition, working principle, application and methods to take 4k pictures. Advantages and disadvantages are its extra information. Now, this post will come to an end. We hope this post can be beneficial for you in learning 4k pictures.

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