How to Find Microsoft Office Product Key?

Office Product Key – If you’re planning a Microsoft Windows reinstall but can’t find your product key, you’re in luck: it’s saved in the Windows Registry. It’s just not simple to come by, and reading it without assistance is nearly difficult. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you.

The best part is that you can even retrieve a key from a machine that has stopped working. All you need is access to a working computer’s disc drive. Continue reading to learn more.

The key you need will be in one of three places:

Stored in software on your PC windows: stores its product key in the registry when you (or your PC maker) installs Windows. You can get this product key and use it to reinstall Windows on your computer. Importantly, you’ll need to grab it from your operating system before you start reinstalling Windows, or your hard disc will be formatted and you’ll lose it.

Printed on a sticker: SLP, or “System Locked Pre-installation,” is a feature found on some PCs. If your PC employs this, the product key stored in the registry and the one displayed by key-viewer applications will be different from the one your PC requires. The actual key is on a COA sticker on your computer’s power supply or on a certificate of authenticity (COA). The one in the registry and key-viewer application is a red herring. This system was common for Windows 7 PCs.

Embedded in your PC’s UEFI firmware: A new technique is used by many modern PCs that come with Windows 8 or 10. The key for the version of Windows that came with the PC is saved in the UEFI firmware or BIOS of the computer. You don’t even need to know it; if you’re installing the same version of Windows that came with the PC, it should activate and work without prompting. It’ll all happen on its own.

The first place to search if you bought a retail copy of Microsoft Windows or Office is in the disc jewel casing. Retail Microsoft product keys are normally found on the back of the CD/DVD case or on a bright sticker inside the case with the CD/DVD. The key is made up of 25 alphanumeric characters that are usually divided into five sections.

The software product key is normally on a multicolored, Microsoft-branded sticker on your PC case if it came bundled with Microsoft Windows. The sticker for Microsoft Office can be found on the installation disc that came with the machine. If everything else fails, you’ll have to contact Microsoft for a replacement key or simply go to

Microsoft Office Product Key