Microsoft Authenticator – How it Works and how to Use it?

Microsoft Authenticator is an example of an app that generates one-time access credentials for Microsoft accounts and products, as well as other sites and products that use two-factor authentication.

It was first released in beta in June of 2016. The app functions in the same way as most others do. When you log into an account, it prompts you for a code. These are the types of codes generated by this app. It’s great for quick sign-ins because it’s cross-platform and speedier than email or text codes. You can also use the app to sign in to your Microsoft account without a password. Multi-account support is also included, as well as compatibility for non-Microsoft websites and services.It includes a number of beneficial features that make using Microsoft apps and other compatible sites and apps a breeze, including:

Password-free access to Microsoft products and sites.

 Passcodes are time-based and only used once for sites that use two-factor authentication.

Account management for multiple sites or apps simultaneously.

You can begin by signing in with your Microsoft account or scanning a QR code from an external program, such as Google or Facebook, once you’ve downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet (it’s accessible on both Android and iOS devices).

How does Microsoft Authenticator work?

On Microsoft accounts, it works a little differently than on non-Microsoft accounts. You may truly log in to your Microsoft account without a password by using the codes in this app. However, before you can add the code to any other account type (Facebook, Google, etc. ), you must first login with your username and password.

Any website that employs the TOTP (time-based one-time password) standard is supported by Microsoft. As a result, the software can produce codes indefinitely and you can utilise them as needed. This is in contrast to the HOTP standard, which generates a unique code for you just once. Microsoft Authenticator is not compatible with sites that use this approach, such as Twitter and, most likely, your banking app.

How to Use Microsoft Authenticator

The app is simple to set up. Let’s have a look at how to set up your Microsoft account. To begin the tutorial, simply download and launch the programme.

Setup for Microsoft accounts:

  •  Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and log in using your Microsoft account credentials. This should be the first prompt you see when you initially open the program. To log in to your Microsoft account, simply select “Personal account” or “Work or school account.”
  • You must authenticate the sign-in with a code after a successful login. You can send it via text, email, or any other means you want.
  • That’s all there is to it! The app is linked to your Microsoft account once you enter the code, and you may use it for no-password sign-ins. Simply enter your login and the code produced by the app the next time you log in.

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Microsoft Authenticator