MacBook Air 2021 – Specifications & Features.

Apple Inc. built and manufactures the MacBook Air laptop computer series. It has a full-size keyboard, a machined aluminum shell, and a thin light structure in more modern models. As a luxury ultraportable, the Air was originally placed above the previous MacBook line.

Since the original MacBook was discontinued in 2011, and subsequent iterations’ prices were reduced, the Air has become Apple’s entry-level laptop. [three] The MacBook Air is positioned below the performance range MacBook Pro in the current model line.

The Intel-based MacBook Air, which had a 13.3-inch screen and was marketed as the world’s thinnest notebook when it was released in January 2008, ushered in the ultrabook family of laptops. In October 2010, Apple unveiled the second generation MacBook Air, which featured a redesigned tapered chassis, regular solid-state storage, and a smaller 11.6-inch model. Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, as well as Thunderbolt, were introduced in later revisions.

The MacBook Air retains a thick bezel around its display, which is surprising given that other high-end laptops have almost no bezel. According to Bloomberg, Apple would reduce the size of the Air by “shrinking the border around the screen.”

Some people seem to be hoping that Apple will be inspired by its upcoming iMac 2021 lineup. This super-colorful MacBook Air renders are pretty cool, and they give the MacBook Air a new lease on life.

There’s bad news for MacBook Air fans hoping for a 15-inch model in 2021. A 15-inch model was being considered, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, but those plans have been put on the backburner.

MacBook Air 2021 MagSafe charging

MagSafe charging was a defining feature for long-time MacBook fans, one that set Apple apart from PCs. Due to fire safety issues and the upgrade to USB Type-C, Apple had to uninstall MagSafe.

Apple is rumored to be adding MagSafe back to its laptops, and we believe it will make its way into the revamped MacBook Air 2021. Users would most likely be able to charge using both MagSafe and USB Type-C, much like other laptops with proprietary charging ports.

According to a recent leak from reliable Apple source Jon Prosser, the MacBook Air 2021 will be available in a variety of colours, including blue and green in addition to silver, grey, and gold.


A Better Webcam: The new webcam on the MacBook Air is 720p, which isn’t very good. For clearer videos, we’d much rather have a max HD (1080p) webcam.

More Colors: The MacBook Air is currently available in three colors: gold, silver, and space grey. We believe it is past time to shake things up. Apple may be inspired by the iPad Air, which is available in silver, space grey, rose gold, green, and sky blue.

More Ports: While we don’t expect this to change, wishing for it doesn’t hurt. There are two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports on the MacBook Air, as well as a headphone socket. A full-size USB-A port or even an SD Card slot would be cool, though we hear the latter is coming with the new MacBook Pro 2021.

Thinner Bezels: With the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple eventually acknowledged the importance of thinner bezels, but the Air has remained unchanged since then. Trim those borders to fit the same amount of screen real estate into a smaller chassis.

Price of the MacBook Air in 2021

When it comes to joining the Mac family, the MacBook Air has always been the more affordable choice. While the new Air is expected to keep its starting price of $999, the revamped model is expected to be more expensive.

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MacBook Air 2021