What Causes MS Teams to Get Stuck During the Loading Process?

Microsoft Teams, like its other services, is a stable product, but users have indicated that it becomes stuck when loading. The issue occurs when the user launches the MS Teams application and it continues to load. This issue is highly aggravating since it prevents users from fully using the site, preventing them from being efficient. End-users have a negative experience as a result of this because it directly impacts their business or educational work. This is what the stuck loading screen looks like:

Following a thorough analysis of user reviews and professional authorities, we have compiled a list of some of the root causes of this problem. This issue may occur for one of the following reasons:

1. Inappropriate Password Change: The main cause of this issue is a corrupted password cache. It can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is when a user changes his or her Microsoft Teams Account password while logging into the MS Teams desktop client.

2. Corrupted Cache: We all know how damaging corrupt files can be for both your installed applications and your computer. This problem is caused by corrupted cache data, which blocks authentication certificates.

3. Bad Internet Connection: Another major cause of this issue with the MS Teams application is a bad internet connection. A shared or unreliable internet connection can stymie the login process, lengthening the loading time.

4. Date and time are incorrect: Microsoft applications function in relation to the date and time. Patches for privacy and protection are also revised according to the date and time. As a result, if the date and time on your computer are wrong, you are more than likely to have a problem. Some websites may also fail to connect to your internet connection.

5. Azure Active Directory (AAD): The error may also occur if your organization’s configuration policies for Azure Active Directory (AAD) are not followed. These measures are in place to improve protection as well as privacy.

6. Windows Credentials Collision: Most users are unaware that Microsoft’s database for Windows Account and Office 365 Account is separate. Users may be using incorrect credentials, such as Windows credentials, for O365 applications, resulting in this problem.

7. Service is Down: Another thing to keep in mind is the Team’s backend servers experience downtime from time to time. Be sure to keep an eye on the server’s status.

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Loading Causes in Microsoft Teams