Is Microsoft Publisher Better than Word?

Is Microsoft Publisher Better than Word

Word and Publisher, both from Microsoft, have become essential tools for desktop publishers and anyone trying to create something to print or distribute online. However, the age-old issue remains, “Which is better for desktop publishing?”

For large text documents, Word is by far the better application. Word is significantly better for text arrangement in reports and books. If your document contains a lot of content, Word will make it much easier to lay out the text.

I would use Microsoft Word for the following:

  • Books and e-books
  • Articles
  • Email and letter creation.
  • Newspaper writing
  • Letters.
  • Reports
  • Blogs
  • A Resume.

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing tool that allows you to produce calendars, flyers, postcards, posters, newsletters, cards, certifications, and even websites.

What makes Microsoft Publisher so appealing is that it allows you to create professional-looking content without having to learn a program created exclusively for designers.  It comes with a large number of pre-installed templates, as well as additional templates that can be downloaded for free from within Microsoft Publisher. You may even use it to deliver articles to a list of consumers using mail-merge features.

You can develop almost any type of publishing project you wish. You can construct something from the ground up if you so desire. You can also choose one of the hundreds of premade free themes accessible within the program if you prefer simplicity and quickness.

What makes Microsoft Publisher different from Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word have a lot of similarities. The built-in templates available to you are perhaps the most evident. The built-in assistance system is another important aspect that is sometimes ignored when comparing the two.

If you don’t know how to accomplish something, write your inquiry into the search bar, and each product will respond with suggestions. Each product’s help system is fantastic, and you should absolutely check it out if you haven’t already.

For instance, I’d use Microsoft Publisher to complete the following tasks:

  • a printed calendar
  • a flyer
  • a poster
  • a banner
  • a greeting card
  • a business card
  • a brochure

Additional Features to Consider

Use Word to generate your document if it requires footnotes, endnotes, annotations, or page numbers. Because Publisher can work with PANTONE pictures, it’s great for printing papers with this standardized color matching scheme.

As stated above, if your document contains a large amount of text, you should utilize Word. If there are a lot of graphics and styled elements, Publisher is the way to go.

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Microsoft Publisher vs Word