How To Skip updates and shut down?

How to Skip Updates and Shutdown
Windows 10 Update

How to Skip Updates and Shutdown Windows Updates have gotten a little strange. In Windows 10, Microsoft has taken away a number of choices for controlling Windows Updates from customers. There is currently no way to disable updates, for example. Installing updates is now required. Users can temporarily “pause” the updates.

Users must restart their system to complete the update process, which is an unpleasant feature of Windows updates. If Windows is not configured properly, it will restart on its own time without telling the user.

When Windows 10 restarts:

It can take a long time for the system to update. Microsoft does not allow you to restart the system without waiting for the updates to install if you are in a hurry. We’ll talk about how to solve this problem in this article. You will be able to bypass the installation of pending updates on the system shutdown if you follow the steps in this article.

When you click the Power symbol, you’ll see something similar to the screenshot above. Windows will offer you the option of updating and shutting down or updating and restarting. There is no way to turn off or restart the computer without first installing the updates.

This shutdown/restart process can be bypassed using a simple method. To avoid the Windows update installation procedure on system shutdown/restart, follow the steps below.

“Do not display ‘Install Updates and Shut Down’ option in Shut Down Windows dialogue box” is a setting in the Windows Group Policy. When you enable this option, the Install Updates and Shut down options will be disabled. The standard Shutdown only option will be displayed.

This is a long-term solution. This implies that the Shutdown dialogue box will not have the shutdown and update or restart and update choices. To apply the update and restart the computer, go to Settings –> Windows Update and select Install updates and restart.

How to Skip Updates and Shutdown

The option is below here:

Go To>>   Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –>Windows Components –> Windows Update

Visit or in your browser and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Disabling Updates on Windows