This article from MiniTool organization gathers most of the interesting Xbox Series X memes together, including memes of Xbox Series S. It also shows you the Xbox Series X vs PS5 memes.

What Is Xbox Series X Meme?

A meme, literally, is an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation. To make it easy, a meme of something is a thing that makes use of a kind of character of “something”. Such character can be the logo, shape, appearance, design, color, function, theme, conception, idea, etc. of the “something”.

Therefore, the Xbox Series X Memes are a series of things that are related to Xbox Series X; they can be anything!

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Xbox X Series Memes

They are a lot of memes of Microsoft Xbox Series X created by Xbox fans or enthusiasts, mocking the design of the console. The Xbox Series X console can be placed vertical or horizontal. Yet, Microsoft chooses to showcase it in its monolithic configuration, making it look more like a mini PC tower than a typical game console.

Next, we will introduce some popular and funny Xbox Series X memes.

1. Xbox Series X Fridge

Xbox Series X Fridge

Windows Central Gaming published this picture on Twitter on December 13, 2019. In this picture, there is a refrigerator that looks like a big Xbox Series X console, a black cuboid with a white Xbox logo.

Instead of been irritated by this meme, Xbox took it in stride and produced a few IRL fridges made to the similar specs of the Xbox Series X. Xbox gives them away to us including you and me through a giveaway.

Xbox Fridge Giveaway

2. Xbox Series X Meme – RPG

Xbox RPG

This funny picture was published on Twitter by Fakes Forge on Dec 13, 2019. It shows a smiling face of Phil Spencer (the vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft); while on the shoulder of Phil, there is a weapon (seems like an RPG or something). And, behind Phil, the truck is burning; and, there are dead people bodies on the ground and other battlefield matters.

“Phil Spencer on The Game Awards 2019 (Colorized)” said Fakes @FakesForge. And The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry.

3. Xbox Series X Meme – Skyscraper

Xbox Skyscraper

A Twitter user called The Onion twitted the above picture on Dec 14th, 2019. In the picture, the black Xbox console is among the buildings in a city, just looks so harmonious, right?

“Microsoft Unveils New 40-Story-Tall Brutalist Xbox Series X” described by The Onion. And, someone was made laugh at it, saying that it’s basically a black version of the Verizon building in New York, but less ugly.

4. Xbox Series X Meme – Odyssey

Xbox Odyssey

This picture is posted on Reddit by a user whose username is u/Life_is_Hella_Dank in early January 2020.

5. Xbox Century Collaboration

Xbox Century Collaboration

@MorningStarXIII pasted two pictures in his tweet on Dec 13, 2019, one comparing Xbox Series X box with the cubic cat Tom (an animation character in Tom and Jerry) while the other put the console on the back of Phil in a game background. “Collaboration of the century. #DeathStranding x #XboxSeriesX thanks Phill very cool.”

6. Xbox Series X Meme – GameCube

Xbox GameCube

Levi created an Xbox Gamecube and showed it to us from his Twitter account on Dec 13, 2019. “We’re finally getting a sequel to the Gamecube!!” said he.

7. Dave’s Series X Burger

Dave’s Series X Burger

Windy’s adopt the “top” conception of the Xbox Series X gaming box and applied it to her hamburger. Finally, we get the above Windy’s Dave’s Series X Burger. It contains “10 patties of fresh, never frozen Canadian beef”, and “this is our dream”.

8. Xbox Series X Meme 2001: A Space Odyssey

Xbox Series X Meets 2001: A Space Odyssey

This is a scene from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the scene, original, there are some chimpanzees, anthropoids, or some primates. Yet, @_mandotorres puts the console and controller set of Xbox Series X into the scene with little discord. After all, they are all black.

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Xbox Series S Memes

Together with the Xbox Series X Memes, Xbox Series S is also a theme of memes though it is the smallest Xbox to date.

1. Xbox Radio

Xbox Radio

Some people think the console of Xbox Series S looks like a radio. How about you?

2. Xbox Boombox

Xbox Boombox

Moreover, having been inspired by the radio idea, someone thinks John Cusack should hold the Series S console to Ione Skye’s window to win her back instead of a speaker. This is a romance film called Say Anything released in 1989.

3. Xbox Washing Machine

Xbox Washing Machine

Lol, can’t be more creative, those geniuses!

4. Xbox Drive-Thru Speaker

Xbox Drive-Thru Speaker

This seems to be the most proper meme so far. Gabriele Baroncini replied to the release post of Xbox Series S on Twitter with this picture of a drive-thru speaker, and Xbox replied to him with “Yeah can we get a subscription to @XboxGamePass? Hold the disk drive”.

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Memes of Bothe Xbox Series X and S

1. Xbox Speaker System

Xbox Speaker System

Perfect match, right? I really admire the imagination of those guys. After all, they have brought us much pleasure in our boring daily life with Xbox Series X Memes. 

2. Down Up Down Consoles

Down Up Down Consoles

Xbox: Lay it flat.

Xbox 360: Stand it up!

Xbox One: Lay it flat.

Xbox S/X: Stand it up!

3. Xbox Console Complicated Names

Xbox Console Complicated Names

A Twitter user named Jono Pech find that the name of Xbox consoles of all generations may be calculated by extremely complicated formulas:


Xbox 360

Xbox One

Xbox One S

Xbox One X

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series X

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Memes

Besides Microsoft Xbox, some memes that imitate Sony PlayStation. And, memesters even compare Xbox Series X with PlayStation 5 in memes.

1. Internet Modem vs Refrigerator

Internet Modem vs Refrigerator

It’s official. It’s the battle we’ve all been waiting for.

2. The Love Story of Xbox and PS

The Love Story of Xbox and PS

Just like the love story of Wall-E and EVE (two robots) in the film WALL-E, could the relationship between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 become intimate? 

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