In order to provide better protection for the computer and data, Windows Defender ATP has decided to improve its threat protection ability. In addition, you can also use another program – MiniTool ShadowMaker to keep the computer and data safe.

Windows Defender ATP Improves Threat Protection Ability

Nowadays, the computer may be crashed because of the attack of the virus. More and more computer users complain that it is a troubling thing. Therefore, in order to provide further protection for the computer and data, Windows Defender ATP is decided to improve its threat protection ability.

Windows Defender ATP is a security program of Microsoft. It can help to stop breaches. The security program – Windows Defender ATP is used to protect from cyber threats, detects advanced attacks and data breaches, automates security incidents and improves security posture. And it has bolstered with a series of improvements so as to better protect enterprise IT systems from virus attack and other security threats.

Windows Defender ATP threat protection improvements have made in many aspects, including the enhanced automatic capacities, expanded threat hunting, additional attack surface an improved post-breach detection and so on.

“The mission of Windows Defender ATP is to protect devices in the modern workplace and the goal is to protect, detect, investigate and automatically respond to attacks”, Gindi says.

Windows Defender ATP protection has improved the emergency security intelligence ability that provides fast delivery of protection updates when needed.

Gindi also said “if the virus outbreaks, Windows Defender ATP research team can issue an emergency request to all cloud-connected enterprise devices to immediately pull dedicated intelligence updates directly from Windows Defender ATP cloud.

And there is no need for users to set some special configuration as long as the cloud-delivered protection is enabled.

There is another new feature of the Windows Defender ATP, which is called Incidents. It is used to give an aggregated view to security analysts. For example, since attack becomes more and more complex, security analysis encounters more and more challenges. So this new feature can identify all related alerts and artifacts across all affected machines.

Windows Defender ATP also improves the ability of the expanded automation to automatically investigate and fix memory-based attacks, advanced threat analytics, custom detection rules for advanced threat hunting, discovery and protection of sensitive data and so on.

The Windows Defender ATP has decided to its threat protection ability so as to protect PC and data well. As a matter of fact, in order to keep data safe, you can also use a piece of third-party software to keep your data and PC well. Here, MiniTool ShadowMaker, Windows backup software, is recommended.

MiniTool ShadowMaker is a professional backup tool. It can be used to back up Windows operating system, disks, partitions, files and folders. So in order to keep PC safe, you can use MiniTool ShadowMaker to create a backup image. When some accidents happen, for instance, virus attack leading to Windows crash, you can use the backup image to restore the computer to an earlier date.

Tip: If you lose data due to virus attack, you can use the professional data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery to fins them back.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can get the information Windows Defender ATP has improved its threat protection ability since so many viruses occur. And in order to ensure the security of computer and data, you had better create a system image so as to perform some recovery solutions when some accidents happen.

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