When you feel that a program has lost its value of use, you may want to uninstall it. But only the shortcut to the desktop is not available, and its installation package and other related files still exist in the directory. We need to clean up all of it. This article will teach you some easy ways to uninstall programs.

Way 1: Uninstall Programs Through Startup Menu

At first, let’s learn how to uninstall programs in Windows 10 through Start Menu.

Tip: If your computer’s start menu is not working/responding, click to learn how to fix Windows 10 Start Menu not working quickly.

Step 1. Click the Start button to find the program you want to delete in the left-side All Apps list or the tile section on the right.

Step 2. Right-click the program and, you will see the Uninstall options in the pop-up menu if you can remove it in this way. Click it to confirm that you want to uninstall it and then it disappears.

Uninstall Through Startup Menu

Way 2: Uninstall Programs Through Settings

You can first view the programs which can be uninstalled in the setup interface. Click in turn: Windows > Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Windows Universal applications and standard desktop apps are displayed on this page. Scroll down the list to find the program you want to remove. Click to highlight it, and then click Uninstall.

Uninstall Through Settings

Way 3: Uninstall Programs Through Control Panel

If you are used to using the Control Panel, you can still open this option in the latest version of Windows 10. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Search Control Panel in Start screen and then press Enter. Then choose the Programs and Features applet. In this view not all computer applications are displayed here, it only shows standard desktop applications.

Step 2. Scroll the bar to find the program you want to remove, right-click it to open the context menu and click Uninstall.

Uninstall Through Control Panel

Quick Video Guide:

Way 4: Uninstall Programs via Third-Party Software

Built-in Windows 10 uninstallers will complete the work, but they may not be able to complete cleanly. Applications usually spread their files and settings throughout the system, may put files in locations which are obvious, and may even populate your registry with settings that are hard to track.

How to uninstall a program Windows 10 at this point? We need to solve this problem through third-party software. Revo Uninstaller is one of the choices. It can cleanly and completely remove unwanted programs and traces.

Revo installer can remove the programs installed previously, and the interface displays all applications you have on the system so that you can easily find the programs you want to uninstall. This program can also help you install applications, while monitoring the entire installation process so that the programs can be located more accurately in the future.

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Bottom Line

In the above four methods, we suggest that you give priority to the first three to avoid unnecessary cost. We hope that after trying the above proposed solution, the problem of your uninstall programs in Windows 10 will be resolved.

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