There are many platforms for you to chat with other people when you play online games. TeamSpeak and Discord are popular among them. If you don’t know which one is better, you can refer to this post. This post from MiniTool provides some information on TeamSpeak vs Discord for you.

Many VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications have been created. However, the most popular applications are Discord and TeamSpeak. First, you should get some basic information about TeamSpeak and Discord.


TeamSpeak is one of the earliest such digital communication services. Discord is a relatively new product, but now it becomes more and more popular. You may ask: “Is Teamspeak better than Discord?” TeamSpeak should act as a VoIP service. In addition to providing reliable VoIP service, Discord also provides many other important functions.


Now, let’ see the details of TeamSpeak vs Discord. After that, you may know you should choose TeamSpeak or Discord.

TeamSpeak VS Discord

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Performance and Capacity

The first aspect of TeamSpeak vs Discord if performance and capacity. TeamSpeak uses very few resources on your device, thus achieving the best performance without affecting your connection. However, there are some holes in their performance.

As for Discord, the system of it has poor performance. It will cause Discord to consume most of the memory and disk usage, which may hinder your other processes.

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TeamSpeak VS Discord: Service

The second aspect of TeamSpeak vs Discord is service. TeamSpeak has been the core of VoIP services since August 2002. Discord was released in May 2015 and immediately became popular. It has quickly become one of the most commonly used VoIP services ever.

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Privacy

In theory, TeamSpeak is a highly flexible application. Although TeamSpeak never revealed specific details about its privacy protection measures, it showed that the server administrator can see the IP addresses of all participants.

If you think it will leak your privacy, you can use a VPN since VPN can effectively mask your IP. Maybe, you are interested in this post – How to Set Up a VPN on Your Windows 10 PC [Full Guide].

Discord also has some disturbing privacy practices. It collects information about your activities while also retaining more sensitive information. Thus, Discord is not totally safe.

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Layout

Now, let’s see TeamSpeak vs Discord in layout. Teamspeak has a very general layout, which may be difficult for the person who is a new user. But soon, anyone can master it. In Discord, you must simply join the server by receiving an invitation on Discord or opening an invitation link.

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Other Aspects

There are some other aspects on TeamSpeak vs Discord. On TeamSpeak, you must purchase the server from the host because it is not free to use. The server on Discord is hosted for free. Unlike Teamspeak, you need to pay monthly/annual/one time.

Overwolf is an in-game overlay software in cooperation with TeamSpeak that allows you to capture gameplay and monitor the current channel to see who is sitting on the channel and who is not on the channel. Discord has its own game overlay, allowing users to monitor other users’ activities in their current channels when they leave and join.

Final Words

Here is all the information on Discord vs TeamSpeak. It’s time to conclude. If you want to get a better experience, you can choose Discord. If you care about privacy, you can choose TeamSpeak. You can choose TeamSpeak or Discord based on your needs.


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