What is system partition? Read this post to know it.

System partition is a Windows term, which is used to boot Windows. In general, the root directory of system partition contains the operating system boot files like boot.ini, and ntldr.


Here, it is very necessary to say boot partition since many people are confused by these 2 items. A boot partition contains Windows operating system files while a system partition saves boot files. The %SystemRoot% directory is contained in boot partition. Here, many users are confused about the variable system. Actually, the %SystemRoot% refers to the system directory or root directory.

The system partition is usually given the identifier “C:”, and the boot partition might be given the letter “D:” or “E:”. However, a machine can multiple operating systems and have multiple boot modes. If Windows is stalled on D drive, so the C drive is the system partition and D drive is the boot partition.

If users want to know the current system partition, they can run cmd and then enter echo%SystemDrive%, or they can directly enter the cmd/k echo%system drive% in the [Run] box.

enter the cmd/k echo%system drive% in the [Run] box

How to Hide System Partition Using Group Policy Editor

  1. Click the “Win & R” to open the “Run” window, type “gpedit.msc” to search field, and press enter.
  2. Find and open User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Widows Explorer.
  3. Double click Hide these specified drives in My Computer.
  4. Choose Enabled.
  5. Pick the option users want.
  6. Click Apply.

hide system partition through Group Policy Editor

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