This post published by MiniTool support focuses on Spotify hardware acceleration and make a complete review on it. Read this essay and you will get everything you want to learn about the hardware acceleration of Spotify.

About Hardware Acceleration

In computing, hardware acceleration refers to the usage of computer hardware that is specially made to perform some functions more efficiently than that is possible in software, which is running on a general-purpose central processing unit (CPU).

Hardware acceleration is advantageous for performance, and practical when the functions are fixed. Therefore, updates aren’t as necessary as in software solutions.

What Is Hardware Acceleration Spotify?

Spotify is an audio and media services provider. It provides digital copyright restricted recorded music and podcasts. What does hardware acceleration do in Spotify? Spotify hardware acceleration is a process that makes use of computer hardware, including CPU, motherboard, sound card, etc., instead of only Spotify software to optimize the performance of Spotify. Thus, only when you are using Spotify on a computer, can you use hardware acceleration on Spotify.

Tip: Not only for Spotify, but also for other software, hardware acceleration is only available on computer versions.

There are two hardware acceleration options within Spotify App. one is the one under Advanced User Settings and the other under Playback Preference. They have similar functions since they are both for triggering hardware to work together with software to improve task speed.

Enable Hardware Acceleration Under Playback

Spotify Hardware Acceleration on or Off?

Just as described in the above content, in general, hardware acceleration will give a better experience to its users. Without hardware acceleration, people can also use Spotify normally. Yet, maybe they will experience a potentially slower approach. So, it is recommended to turn on hardware acceleration for Spotify.

However, Spotify hardware acceleration also has disadvantages. For example, by using hardware acceleration, your hardware simply may not be up to the task. Many users using old and weak machines complain about tracks jumping or fast-forwarding.

Tip: These problems happen not only to Spotify, but also to other programs. Yet, just do Spotify disable hardware acceleration and restart your PC will fix the issues.

Also, hardware acceleration may cause CPU usage difference that is nearly negligible. In respect of this, you may turn off hardware acceleration.

However, for the vast majority of listeners of Spotify, the hardware acceleration feature does not matter much. It has little impact on the lives of the users. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the function.

Spotify Enable Hardware Acceleration

On a PC, the Enable Hardware Acceleration option will appear in Spotify and it is enabled by default. If you are not sure whether you have ever shut it down or not accidentally, you can check it following the below two ways.

Spotify Hardware Acceleration in Advanced User Settings


Like other software hardware acceleration (e.g. Discord hardware acceleration), Spotify hardware acceleration also intends to let computer hardware cooperate with software to optimize the performance of certain operations of the software. Though sometimes there may be little problems, it does not matter and it is recommended to keep hardware acceleration on all the time for Spotify.

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