MiniTool Mobile Data Recovery for Android

User Manual

Software Installation, Uninstallation and Update

Software Installation

Download the installation package from the MiniTool official site:

Installation steps:

1. Double click the installation package.

Software Installation 1

2. Click "Next" on the pop-out welcome interface.

Software Installation 5

3. Choose "I accept the agreement", and click "Next" to continue.

Software Installation 9

4. You can click "Browse" to set the installation location manually, or just install the software to the location set by default, and click "Next" to continue. (It is recommended to install it to the default path.)

Software Installation 10

5. A folder named as "MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android" will be created under the selected path to save the installation and uninstallation procedures. Here, you can click "Browse" to select a different folder, and then click "Next". (If not necessary, keep the default path.)

Software Installation 11

6. On the following interface, you can choose to create a desktop icon or not. And it is checked by default according to most users' habit here. And we still recommend you to create one which enables you to run this software conveniently. And then click "Next" to continue.

Software Installation 12

7. Finally, make sure all the configuration information are all right and click "Install" to start.

Software Installation 13

8. After installation, you will see this interface, in which the option "Launch MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android" is checked by default. If you don't need to open the software right now, please uncheck the option and click "Finish" to exit from the installer.

Software Installation 14

Software Uninstallation

1. Find MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android on the control panel.

Software Installation 15

2. Click "Uninstall" and there will pop out the uninstallation interface. Then press "Yes" to uninstall the software.

Software Installation 2

3. Now, the software has been uninstalled. Then click "OK" to complete the uninstallation.

Software Installation 3

Software Update

Click the update button to complete the online updating.

Software Installation 4