Recycle Bin is like a garbage storage in people’s daily life, for it helps computer users to store the deleted files. This article will introduce Recycle Bin and its related operations, such as removing its icon from the desktop or restoring it again.

About Recycle Bin

What is Recycle Bin? Computer users who use Windows are not strangers to it.

In the days before Windows 95, when users deleted files, the files disappeared and they cannot be found anymore in the computer. In this situation, users can only seek help from the third tools.

In Windows, Recycle Bin is a special folder or directory where the deleted files, folders, shortcuts, and web pages are temporarily stored. In other words, the deleted files are not removed from hard disk but send into the Recycle Bin.

The deleted files stored in Recycle Bin can be restored to their original location if computer users do not empty the Recycle Bin.

It seems that there is not much to learn about Recycle Bin. In fact, using the recycling stations still requires some skills, and sometimes it may have unexpected effects.

Operations in Recycle Bin Properties

How to check properties? Right click the icon on the desktop, and select Properties among the options. A pop-up window named Recycle Bin Properties shows up in which computer users can do the following operations.

Permanent Deletion

How to permanently delete the unnecessary files stored in one partition to free up files? In the Recycle Bin Properties window, select the partition in advance, and then check the circle next to “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted”. And then click OK.

check the option next to delete files permanently

After completing of the above operations, the files computer users delete from the selected partition disappear any more.

There is another way to directly delete files. Click the files in advance, and then press Shift and Delete simultaneously on the keyboard.

The permanently deleted files can be recovered by using the third software. Click here to learn about more information.

No Delete Confirmation Dialog

When computer users delete files, a dialog box usually appears. After users click Yes, the system deletes the file and puts into Recycle Bin. If users think it is troublesome, users can let the system not display the dialog box and put the file directly into the recycle bin.

In the Recycle Bin window, make sure uncheck the box adjacent to the phrase Display delete confirmation dialog, and then click OK.

uncheck the box next “Display delete configuration dialog”

Recover Deleted Files

How to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin?

Step 1: Double-click the icon of Recycle Bin on the desktop.

Step 2: Select the file, folder or something else, and then right click it.

Step 3: Click Restore in the pop-up menu to restore deleted item. This selected file will be sent into its original location.

Note: Recycle Bin doesn’t show files saved in the parent folder. In other words, restoring such files requires to restore the whole folder.

Cleanup Recycle Bin to Free up Space

In fact, sending the deleted files to Recycle Bin does not free up the disk space. Only after emptying the Recycle Bin, the disk space is actually freed.

How to empty the Recycle Bin?

Way 1: Right click Recycle Bin, then select Empty Recycle Bin in the pop-up menu, and finally click Yes.

Way 2: Double click the icon of Recycle Bin on the desktop. After accessing File menu, click Manage and then click Empty Recycle Bin.

click Empty Recycle Bin in File menu

If you empty the Recycle Bin or delete the specified item in the Recycle Bin, the deleted content cannot be restored. In this situation, users also can recover the files which were saved in the emptied Recycle Bin with the help of Data Recovery feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Restore the Icon of Recycle Bin to the Desktop

When there are many unnecessary files on the desktop, directly dragging them into Recycle Bin is efficient. However, sometimes the icon of Recycle Bin disappears from desktop.

In this situation, how to recover Recycle Bin?

Way 1:

Step 1: Right click the desktop and select view.

Step 2: Make sure check Showdesktop icons.

If Way 1 fails, try the following way.

Way 2:

Step 1: Press Windows on the keyboard.

Step 2: select Settings and then choose Personalization.

click Personalization in the Windows Settings screen

Step 3: Click Themes, and then click Desktop icon settings.

click Themes and Desktop icon settings in the Background screen

Step 4: Make sure the check box for Recycle Bin is checked, and then click OK.

check the box adjacent to Recycle Bin

But not every computer user needs the Recycle Bin on their desktop, perhaps because they prefer a clean desktop with minimal or no icons. In this situation, they need to remove Recycle Bin from desktop. How to do? Just repeat the above steps in this part and uncheck the box adjacent to Recycle Bin.

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