You may find there is a file with the .pptx extension on your desktop or File Explorer. What is a PPTX file? How to open the PPTX file? Can you convert it to other file formats? This post provides details about PPTX for you.

What Is PPTX

What is PPTX? A file with the PPTX extension is a presentation file created by Microsoft PowerPoint. Unlike previous versions of the binary presentation file format PPT, the PPTX format is based on the Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML presentation file format.

A presentation file is a collection of slides, where each slide can contain text, images, formatting, animation, and other media. These slides are presented to the audience as slideshows with custom presentation settings.

This is the default presentation file format for PowerPoint 2007 and later. An older version of this format was used in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier used the PPT file extension.


Tip: The MiniTool official website also provides information about other file types such as BUP file, IFO files, MSI file, etc.

Features of PPTX:

  • Load PPTX/PPT files as raster images or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) documents.
  • Load multi-page files using pages with different DPIs.
  • Loading a multi-page file with pages of different page widths and heights.
  • Load documents with different rasterization options.
  • Use advanced features like transparent images, bullets, and rotated images.

How to Open PPTX File

How to open PPTX file?

Windows Users:

If you have a PowerPoint file that you just want to view rather than edit, you can use the free PowerPoint Viewer program. You can’t edit slides or change anything like you can with the full version of Microsoft PowerPoint, but if you just need to browse a PPTX presentation someone sent you, this tool is useful for you.

To open and edit PPTX files without a copy of PowerPoint, you can use WPS to do that. There are also free presentation builders that can import PPTX files for online editing without installing software. One of them, Google Slides, allows you to upload a presentation from your computer, make changes to it, then save it in your Google Drive account or download it back to your computer.

Google also offers some browser extensions, which runs as a PPTX viewer and editor, directly in the Chrome browser. This applies not only to PPTX files you drag into your browser from your computer but to any PPTX file you open from the internet, including files you might have received via email.

Mac Users:

Mac users can simply double-click the file to open it in the Apple Keynote app.

How to Covert PPTX File

How to convert PPTX to other file formats? If you’re using one of the fully supported PPTX programs above, you can easily convert your presentation to another file format by simply opening the file in the program and resaving it to a different format. In most applications, this is done through the File > Save As option.

Sometimes, a faster way to convert is to use an online file converter. PPTX files can also be converted to a format recognized by Google Slides. Simply upload the file to your account via Google Drive’s New > File Upload menu. It will automatically open in Google Slides.

Once you’ve converted your presentation to Google Slides, you can open it there and convert it to another format via File > Download. These formats include PPTX, ODP, PDF, TXT, JPG, PNG, and SVG.

Final Words

Here are all the details about the PPTX file. You can know what it is, how to open it and how to convert it. I hope that this post can be helpful to you.

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