When you find that your wifi speed is slow, what should you do? You can use the network adapter to improve this situation. This post introduces some information about the network adapter. You can know the definition, types, advantages, as well as work principles of it.

What Is the Network Adapter

What is a network adapter? The network adapter is a component of the internal hardware of a computer, which is used to communicate with another computer through a network. It enables the computer to connect with another computer, server or any network device through a LAN connection. You can use the network adapter on a wired or wireless network.

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Is Network Adapter Not Working on Windows 11/10? Here Are Fixes!
Is Network Adapter Not Working on Windows 11/10? Here Are Fixes!

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Types of Network Adapter

There are 2 types of network adapter – Powerline adapters and MoCA adapters. The following are the details.

Powerline Adapters

The powerline adapter is plugged into the power outlet at home, and the WiFi is extended through the wires in the home. However, some users report that the network is slow or disconnected randomly when using it.

This is especially true for powerline adapters that use the old Home Plug (AV) technology. In many cases, the wires in the home are not set up for powerline Ethernet. Other problems may be that the distance between the plugs is too large, and the power cord will suffer some interference.

MoCA adapters

The MoCA adapter is another option. MoCA technology uses the existing coaxial TV wiring in people’s homes and creates an ultra-fast and reliable home network. Also known as coaxial cable Ethernet. The MoCA adapter will not interfere like a wall plug adapter or direct WiFi, so it can establish a consistent high-speed connection between the router and the access point.

How Does Network Adatper Work

The network adapter enables devices to communicate through a local area network (LAN) and connect to the Internet or other computers.

The wireless network adapter receives the signal from the computer and converts it into radio waves transmitted through the antenna. Radiofrequency signals are electromagnetic waves, which vibrate when they propagate in the air at the appropriate frequency band or frequency.

The frequency generally tends to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and 14 channels are available. The radio waves reach the router first, and then the broadband modem or internal network.

The adapter for the desktop computer is usually pre-installed. If the desktop computer does not provide a pre-installed adapter, the card can be connected to a PCMCIA slot or a mini PCI slot. Similarly, old desktop computers may allow a modified Ethernet adapter to be inserted in the PCI slot. Some electronic cards can even be inserted into the memory card port.

As another option, a USB-style Ethernet adapter can be compatible with both desktop and laptop computers, or it can be connected to an Ethernet port via an Ethernet cable.

How to Configure Network Adapter

How to configure network adapter? Here is a guide for you.

Step 1: Connect to the virtual server via RDP, and then right-click the Network Connection & Internet settings in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop to open the Network & Sharing Center.

Step 2: In the window, select the desired interface, which does not have network access rights.

Step 3: Under the General tab, click the Details… option.

click the Details… option

Step 4: Compare the value in the Physical Address field with the value in the MAC field on the control panel.

Step 5: If the DHСP option is enabled during the network creation process on the panel, the Windows network adapter will be automatically configured. If the DHСP option is not enabled during the network creation process in the panel, the configuration must be performed manually. Open the adapter properties by clicking Properties.

Step 6: Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click the Properties option.

click the Properties option

Step 7: In the window that opens, enter the assigned address in the IP address field, and then enter the subnet mask in the Subnet Mask field. At last, save your changes.

Final Words

Here is all information about the network adapter. I hope that this post can be helpful to you.

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