NetApp announced the new virtual desktop infrastructure solution at VMworld 2019 for the VMware platforms. Besides, NetApp also work with VMware to design & launch the NetApp Kubernetes Service (for VMware vSphere) and NetApp Deployment Services (for HCI on VMware).

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: a New Solution to VMware Platforms

As a hybrid cloud data services and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, NetApp recently (at VMworld 2019 held in San Francisco) announced a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution for all the VMware platforms (NetApp HCI for VDI with VMware Horizon 7). This shows how much NetApp cares about the hybrid cloud solutions. To be honest, NetApp VDI is a good solution that provides simplified, scalable, high-performance infrastructure to all kinds of clouds.


In addition, the NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) and NetApp HCI Implementation Services for VMware Private Cloud are also released and their availability is discussed. One big reason to explain why NetApp has done all such work is to accelerate VMware workloads. Another important reason is that it can help user to run their applications where they want easily.

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What Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Indeed, the term virtual desktop infrastructure was created by VMware; it refers to the virtualization technology that is able to host desktop operating systems on a centralized server in the data center. It is a variation on the client-server computing model (also known as server-based computing).

The frequently used VMware virtual desktops refer to the images of the operating systems and the programs inside. The virtual desktops separate desktop environment and the physical devices that are used to access it. It is even possible for users to access & control their VMware virtual desktops through devices remotely.

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Benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure solutions to VMware administrators:

The VMware administrators are in charge of creating, deploying, maintaining, and optimizing network & server infrastructure. At present, they are faced with huge challenge: they need to meet the high expectations of the business for agility, scalability, affordability, and performance. Sometimes, it’s necessary to keep well balance among simplicity, scalability, and performance and it will cost high to achieve the ideal infrastructure.

Well, the release of the new solutions by NetApp contributes a lot to improving the work of VMware administrators.

  • Secure device and protect data anywhere.
  • Scale up or down according to needs flexibly.
  • Manage and monitor the corresponding environments effectively.

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About the New Solutions for VMware

One: NetApp HCI for VDI.

The simple and GPU-enabled nodes contained in the NetApp HCI are very useful for accelerating the high-performance and 3D virtual desktop infrastructure environments. The new NetApp VDI solutions and services work perfectly to improve the performance for power users of complicated and data-intensive applications (such as CAD/CAM, medical imaging, and other technical & scientific applications that can only be run effectively in virtualized desktop environments under special attention).

Two: NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) on VMware.

Currently, the NKS gives support to a fully managed Kubernetes service on VMware vSphere and it doesn’t matter where the VMware infrastructure is being run. Benefits of NKS include:

  • It makes the deploying and managing of on-premises Kubernetes clusters easy to finish.
  • It eliminates and reduces the application workload.
  • It provides many enterprise capabilities, such as in-place upgrades, Istio service mesh automation, multicloud and hybrid-cloud configurations, and role-based access control (RBAC); they are all supported by NetApp’s Enterprise SLA.

Three: NetApp HCI Implementation Service for VMware Private Cloud.

An integrated solution is executed to accelerate the deployment of a private cloud platform. This will satisfy the current business needs and make it easy to scale for the future. The professional skills are provided by the new turnkey acquisition and implementation service of NetApp; thus, people will find it easy to build a scalable, preconfigured, and easily consumable private cloud.

Besides, the deployment of a VMware-based private cloud can also be accelerated by NetApp. In this way, the new platform of organizations can be scaled easily and rapidly.

All in all, the release of virtual desktop infrastructure is so beneficial!

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