What is MHTML? How to open or view it? What are the differences between it and HTML? How to convert MHTML to HTML? If you are looking for the answers to the above questions, you can refer to this post from MiniTool.


What is MHTML? MHTML is the abbreviation of MIME HTML, which is an archive file format that combines web pages and all their resources. By default, most web browsers save web pages as multiple files, usually hypertext markup language (HTML) files and related resource folders, which may include images, music, or other data.

MHTML puts all this information in one file, also called an HTML file, which is usually easier to handle. A very useful task in MHTML is to send web pages via email because it allows email clients to display the entire web page without actually being on the site. The archive format also provides an easy way for people to view web pages without being online.

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How to View MHTML

You can use Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox to view MHTML files. Here is how to open the MHTML file. Here we take Internet Explorer as an example.

Step 1: Right-click the MHTML file to show the File context menu.

Step 2: Click the Open With option.

Step 3: Click the Internet Explorer option. The MHTML file will display in the browser for viewing.

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There is another file format called HTML, which is similar to MHTML. An acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, an HTML document contains a series of tags and commands that are used to control how a web browser displays pages on the Internet. Regarding emails, pure HTML allows various tags, including hyperlinks and text attachments in the body of the email. However, pure HTML email cannot transfer non-text attachments or media.

What are the differences between MHTML and HTML?

MHTML is the same as the more verbose HTML plus resource folder method for saving web pages, but it also has some limitations. When the web page is updated online, the HTML file will not be updated automatically. These files are static entities that provide a snapshot of the page at a specific point in time.

MHTML files can be viewed in a text editor like pure HTML files. Images and resources without text representation will not remain in the text editor but will be displayed as strings of random letters and numbers. The source code of the page and the style sheet that manages the layout of the page are easy to see. When viewing the archive in the browser, viewing the HTML archive in text form will not affect the display of the web page.

How to Convert MHTML to HTML

If you want to convert MHTML to HTML, you can follow the steps below to do that:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and select File.

Step 2: Browse the MHTML file and select it.

Step 3: Click Open and select File. Then, click Save as.

Step 4: Enter a name for the file in the File Name field. Select Web page (.html) in the Save as Type part.

Final Words

Here is the information about the MHTML file format. I hope that this post ca be helpful to you,

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