As the latest release of Chrome OS, the Chrome 76 comes out officially on July 30, 2019 with loads of new features. For instance, the adding of virtual desktop to Chrome OS catching many people’s eyes. The Chrome OS desktop is a useful feature that will help you get more desktops at the same time and it allows you to switch between different desktops easily.

You must know that Google released the latest Chrome OS 76 on July 30, 2019 (Microsoft Announced Windows Virtual Desktop In late September 2018). You also know that the new OS contains a lot of new features, like virtual desktop. But what you may not know is the new Chrome OS desktop is able to change the way you work. How surprising it is!

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How to Add the Control Panel Icon to Desktop on Windows 10 / 11?
How to Add the Control Panel Icon to Desktop on Windows 10 / 11?

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Chrome OS Desktop Will Change the Way You Work

What Is Chrome OS

In fact, the Chrome OS refers to Chrome operating system, which is Linux kernel-based and released by Google. This OS is developed on the basis of the free software – Chromium OS and its main user interface is Google Chrome web browser (click here if you need to recover lost Google Chrome history).

Chrome Virtual Desktop: Create at Most 4 New Desks

In computing, the virtual desktop is actually a user interface terminology; it refers to an application that allows you to create different desks (at most 4) with their own app layouts and you can switch to anyone of them instantly. That is to say, you can have a writing-focused space and a space helping you keep up on social networks at the same time, all thanks to the Google virtual desktop.

The virtual space of a computer’s desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen’s display area through the use of software.– according to Wikipedia

How to activate the New Desk button:

You’ll see the new button called New Desk in the upper right corner while you swipe up to view all windows in the overview mode. By clicking on this New Desk button, you can create a new space each time (at most 4 desks can be created). In this way, you can separate the desktop into several workspaces and drag the opening windows into any one of the desks (they won’t interfere with each other).

New Desk

Sometimes, you may fail to see the New Desk button after hitting the Overview. Under such circumstances, you should suspect that the virtual desktop feature is hidden behind a flag, so you have to enable it manually.

How to enable virtual desks on Chrome OS:

  1. Run Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://flags into the Omnibox.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Type virtual desks into the search box.
  5. Find the Enable Virtual Desks area under Experiments.
  6. Choose Enabled from the drop-down box on the right hand side.
  7. Click on the Restart Now button at the bottom to make the changes take effect.

You can also copy & paste chrome://flags/#enable-virtual-desks into the Omnibox, and then press Enter to replace step 1 to step 4.

Restart Now

Warning: Please note that you’ll use the experimental features not tested on all devices yet when you open chrome://flags to enable something. That is to say, unknown problems may be caused. Therefore, you should be carefully enough especially when you are working with the available flags to avoid any possible bugs.

How to fix when your Chrome OS is out of date:

As long as your Chromebook runs the latest version of Chrome OS, you can enjoy the convenience brought by Chromebook virtual desktop. However, if the Chrome OS on Chromebook is an old version, you should upgrade it to Chrome OS 76 since Chrome virtual desktop is only supported by the latest Chrome OS version.

You can run Google Chrome OS from a USB drive.

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